Turn Marketing Teams from Siloed to Seamless with the Integrated Marketing Campaign Toolkit from Drift & Asana

It’s exciting to be part of a growing marketing team.

And at Drift, I’ve been lucky to watch our team grow over almost two years now.

That said, growth is…uncomfortable.

As a marketing team grows, it’s easy to lose sight of the goals that matter. Transparency around work decreases. Busy work increases due to a lack of oversight. And silos form.

The marketing team at Drift wasn’t immune to these growing pains.

In 2019, our team was growing fast. It quickly became clear that we needed a better way to tie our activities together, roll those activities up to revenue, and create more transparency and cohesion around the work we were doing.

That cohesion came from integrated marketing campaigns.

Using integrated marketing campaigns, we turned our siloed team into one unified marketing machine. Now our marketing is more aligned than ever. And while we didn’t know it at the time, this switch would prove necessary when Drift became a digital-first company.

But we didn’t make this change happen alone, and we learned a ton along the way. Below, I’m sharing how we did it and how you can start running integrated marketing campaigns too:

Training Marketers on Integrated Marketing Campaigns & Asana

There are a lot of moving pieces in an integrated marketing campaign – from webinars to emails to ebooks to ads.

integrated marketing campaign examples strategy

Not to mention the planning and program narratives that set the tone and messaging for your campaigns.

Managing all these deliverables in static spreadsheets and slides isn’t ideal. Say a deadline moves. Then you’re running around trying to update all your stakeholders and documents, hoping nothing slips through the cracks.

To solve this problem, we onboarded Asana – a leader in work management – to help manage every aspect of our marketing activities. Using Asana, we’re able to create a single source of truth for marketers to update and manage campaigns in real-time.

And to ensure all our marketers adopted Asana into their day-to-day workflows, we rolled out internal training. We created a dedicated Drift Insider course with step-by-step classes on how to use Asana to support our campaigns:

integrated marketing campaign course

After COVID hit, and Drift announced our new remote-first policy, Asana, our internal training, and integrated marketing campaigns were essential in keeping our marketing running smoothly.

Now, we want to share how you can make this happen for your marketing team:

The Integrated Marketing Campaign Toolkit

If your marketing team is more siloed than seamless these days, it might be time for a change. Integrated marketing campaigns helped our team work better together and focus on what matters most.

To help you find the same success, Drift and Asana teamed up to create The Integrated Marketing Campaign Toolkit.

This toolkit provides best practices and templates for managing integrated marketing campaigns AND growing marketing teams – whether you’re in the office or working remotely.

In this book, you’ll get:

  • A breakdown of the integrated marketing campaign framework
  • A program narrative template to share your campaign’s core themes
  • A campaign launch kit and UTM builder to help you measure and analyze your integrated marketing campaigns
  • Asana templates for marketing campaigns, offers, activities, and calendars

Download a copy here, or by clicking below:

integrated marketing campaigns