Real-Time Insights & Generative AI: How Drift Will 2x Your Sales Impact

By Holly Xiao

Today’s sales landscape is dynamic…and complex (to say the least).

Between changing buyer expectations, increasing competition, and information overload, the game has shifted. Traditional tactics no longer work like they used to. Cold calls yield meetings only 2% of the time, while email open and reply rates remain low (21% and 1% respectively).

This creates a troubling challenge for sales reps — because while conversations are pivotal, reps simply aren’t having enough of them. Without a steady flow of quality leads and conversations, sales reps are struggling to manage their pipelines, affecting their overall sales performance.

To drive more quality conversations and stay ahead of the competition, your sales reps need to quickly adapt to the digital-first world, make the most of the insights available to them, and humanize every interaction.

Enter: Drift for your sales team.

Drift serves as your compass for navigating this evolving sales landscape by directing your reps on who to engage with and when throughout the customer journey. With tools powered by our latest generative AI and real-time intent insights, Drift equips sellers to maximize engagement across both inbound and outbound motions so they can kickstart more conversations, boost prospecting, and increase sales velocity.

With Drift, your reps will be able to hone in on what truly counts — having the right conversations with key accounts at the right time. Here’s how it works 👇

Why You Need to Bridge the Outbound-Inbound Gap

There’s been a long-standing perception that inbound and outbound are two distinct strategies. But this view often comes at the cost of siloed teams, disjointed efforts, and missed opportunities. It’s time to challenge this misconception and bridge this artificial divide.

Inbound and outbound sales are actually two sides of the same coin. The more outbounding you do (e.g. with marketing campaigns or sales outreach), the more inbound traffic you’ll drive. Because in reality, if you’ve piqued someone’s interest but they’re not responding to your emails or calls, they’re most likely Googling your company and browsing your website.

Viewing inbound and outbound as separate sales motions undermines the potential synergy and impact they can create together for your bottom line. By integrating these two approaches under one holistic strategy, you can unlock more quality sales conversations and truly maximize your team’s efforts. But to do this, sales reps need to have the right tools so that, when prospects do show interest, they can immediately make the most of that opportunity.

That’s where Drift Conversational Sales comes in. We help you see how prospects are engaging with your outreach efforts in more ways than just email responses and calls. You’ll know who’s on your site and when so you can initiate effective conversations in real time. This enables you to transform your website into a powerful flywheel that maximizes pipeline.

The Conversational Sales Flywheel

The best part? All of this happens without adding headcount or investing in any costly, time-consuming training. Instead, you can make your existing sales team more efficient and effective, ultimately boosting sales performance and ROI.

Here’s How the Flywheel Works (with Drift)

By creating a seamless transition between your outbound and inbound strategies, you ensure no quality opportunity is left untapped, driving your pipeline growth to new heights. Here’s how you can do exactly that with Drift 👇

Outbound with More Precision

Imagine the power of being 6x more likely to book meetings with prospects simply by reaching out to them within an hour of them landing on your site. Yes, being timely in your outreach pays off. But even outside of that hour, Drift helps your reps prospect more effectively.

Drift Prospector enables your reps to see the historical engagement of your prospects, empowering them to prioritize key accounts effectively. And we’ve now made it even easier for you to tap into these insights.

Drift Prospector

As a sales rep, you can use Prospector to filter for companies based on various attributes, like territory, industry, or company size, to surface the most relevant accounts. If you’re searching for a specific account, you can also simply type in the company’s name to access the account’s page. There, you’ll be able to see actionable insights — like the last interaction date, frequently visited pages, and key contacts to help you identify the buying committee.

And if Salesforce is your second home, we’ve got you covered. With our native, bi-directional integration with Salesforce, you can easily streamline your workflows. Our latest SFDC iFrame also allows you to view all the critical engagement data from Drift without having to leave Salesforce (even if the rep doesn’t have a Drift seat themselves).

Drift Salesforce iFrame

By leveraging all of these Drift insights (generated from over 13,000 pieces of information), you’ll be able to prioritize the right contacts and make sure your outbound messages are hyper-personalized. And even if prospects don’t immediately respond to your outreach, if they’re interested in your solution, they’ll inevitably land on your site while researching your company. This sets the stage perfectly for your inbound strategy.

“Drift Prospector is the first platform that I’ve seen that is actually built to truly unify a company’s GTM efforts. Drift’s platform brings a prospect from top of the funnel to front of the line. Having a place where all sales and customer engagement activities are centralized provides a real-time blueprint of where our reps should be focusing their efforts and is a game changer for us.”

– Marc Potter, CRO, Actian Corporation

Hyper-Personalize Your Inbound

Your website is your organization’s #1 asset. And for good reason. As your digital storefront, it’s the perfect place to seize opportunities — with live chat conversations proving to be 5x more likely to convert than emails.

With Drift’s real-time ABM notifications, your sales reps will always be in the know when a key account or contact lands on your site. From there, your team can jump into Live Chat and leverage Prospector’s engagement insights to have a relevant conversation when the prospect’s interest is at its peak. No need to worry about notification overload either. Sales managers and administrators can now create and assign filters and notifications, ensuring that alerts only trigger for key accounts so sales reps can avoid distractions and maintain focus.

But that’s not all. Drift automatically updates rep availability in Live Chat so that if your reps miss a certain number of chats, their availability will be set to “away.” This means buyers and customers will always be routed to an active rep for an immediate conversation.

For the conversations reps do have, our newest generative pretrained transformer (GPT) capabilities allow reps to be more efficient without sacrificing effectiveness. This includes:

  • AI Suggested Replies: Sales reps can immediately answer complex customer questions without ever having to leave the live chat conversation to find the information they need. Our Drift data shows that reps tend to respond 77% faster when they leverage Drift AI Suggested Replies.
  • GPT Translations: Reps can instantly talk to customers in the language they prefer so that they can have productive one-to-one conversations with site visitors around the globe — and get more at-bats.

And what if reps want more information on the account or the contact’s engagement history while chatting? In a single click, reps can get comprehensive account details, which provide context like top contacts, top pages, and more. This helps personalize the conversation — or the follow-up later that day (or week).

The Power of Drift: In Numbers

Drift’s generative AI and real-time intent insights make it easier for reps to have quality conversations, ultimately leading to improved prospecting, more meetings booked, and accelerated sales velocity.

Not quite sold yet? Our stats speak for themselves. Drift customers have seen on average:

  • 50% increase in sales rep efficiency.
  • 20% increase in win rates.
  • 30% increase in sales velocity.

Add to that a staggering 670% ROI, and it’s clear: Drift is the catalyst your sales team needs to propel their productivity and performance to new heights. Get a demo.

It’s Time to Reinvent Your Sales Narrative

Navigating today’s sales landscape requires a fresh, insights-driven approach. And you can’t do that without having your inbound and outbound motions in sync with one another. 

Trust us. The real magic happens when you recognize that every outbound effort has the potential to stimulate inbound interest, and vice versa.

So, if you want to stay nimble in the ever-changing sales landscape, then it’s high time you transformed your sales narrative.

Drift Conversational Sales empowers you to drive meaningful conversations and maximize sales rep productivity in your inbound and outbound efforts. With Drift, you can make every interaction count, ensure every conversation is quality, and make the most of every opportunity.

Want to work smarter (not harder) with Drift? Get a demo today.