Spring Release: More Productive Conversations. Less Work.

By Kristin Hess

It’s turbulent out there.

Nowadays, you have less time, team, and resources to achieve your pipeline goals. Not to mention that it’s a struggle to keep up with rapid innovations like ChatGPT which are redefining entire sectors of our economy.

All of this means that productivity and speed are more important than ever. That’s why our spring product release is all about efficiency without sacrificing results.

How, you might ask?

As a leader and innovator in Conversational AI, we have dedicated the past few months to augmenting our existing AI capabilities — and Drift’s overall platform — with generative pretrained transformers (GPTs) and powerful automation. The resulting DriftxGPT and webhooks features will allow you to deliver the most intelligent chat experience yet. With these new features, your team will be able to save time and unlock productivity without sacrificing the conversations you need to hit your pipeline goals.

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GPT Translations



Reducing language barriers has never been easier. Whether you’re expanding into a new region or serving website visitors worldwide, Drift has you covered.

Now, with GPT Translations, you can instantly talk to your customers in the language they prefer so that you can have productive one-to-one conversations with site visitors around the globe. Whether your reps speak one language or five, GPT Translations enable you to scale your team and reach so that you can deliver relevant, multi-language conversations that build trust with customers — without draining your budget or team.

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GPT Topic Example & Response Generation



The most time-consuming part of launching AI chatbots is training them — that is, until today. It’s now 5x faster to create AI bots with Drift.

With our new GPT enhancement, you’re now able to generate topics and responses in just a few clicks. This means you can train your AI model to learn your business in a matter of minutes, instead of hours.

If you’re worried about your AI chatbot providing the wrong responses to your site visitors, then rest assured. Drift’s GPT features are more secure than others because we keep humans in the loop, which means you are able to review copy before it goes out. Plus, we scrub sensitive personal information before sending it to OpenAI.

Finally, our AI chatbots give better replies because they’re custom-trained on your business through your marketing materials and website conversations, not just Open AI’s model (which is trained on all website information prior to 2021).

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More data sources yield more intelligent chat experiences. And that’s where our new Webhooks come in.

Using this new feature, you’re now able to instantly update systems outside of Drift, based on what’s happening in Drift. You can also pull data from external databases into chat to answer questions, perform self-service actions, and nurture potential buyers in a far more sophisticated (and relevant) way.

For example, customers can check their order status, start a free trial, or look into questions about their specific plan. Additionally, your team can automatically enroll prospects in nurture emails after they register for events through your chatbot, instantly update on-premise systems, and more.

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