Connect Salesforce and Drift to deliver personalization and close more deals in less time.

About Salesforce

Salesforce makes cloud-based software designed to help businesses find more prospects, close more deals, and wow customers with amazing service.

Because of the tight integration with Salesforce, I can quickly see just how many opportunities have come in through Drift. It was half of our inbound opportunities for that quarter, which makes Drift far and away our most valuable channel.

Kasia Bargielowski-Foster, Digital Marketing Lead at AccessPay

Salesforce and Drift

With Drift’s two-way Salesforce integration, you’ll spend more time selling and less time maintaining information. When a target account or opportunity lands on your website, the red carpet will roll out with personalized messages. VIP contacts will be routed to the right sales rep, and you’ll close deals faster while tracking and reporting on Drift’s pipeline impact directly in Salesforce.

We know that conversations with your buyers contain valuable context you’ll want to pass into Salesforce. Drift helps you organize conversations in Salesforce, so your team can follow up, report on lead activity, and measure the impact conversations have on your funnel. Drift also syncs live chat data to Salesforce, so you can route opportunity owners into live conversations when buyers are on your website.

Use Cases

Report on opportunities influenced by Drift conversations
Drift’s Salesforce integration helps you understand how Drift conversations throughout each buyer’s journey impact your bottom line. You’ll see the dollar value and even which conversation influenced the deal. Drift’s Conversation Object lets you easily add Drift to any report to measure its impact. You can access prebuilt reports and dashboards within Salesforce or build your own customized report. Then easily report on the performance in the Drift for Salesforce app.
Connect buyers with the right person at the right time
Roll out the red carpet for your target accounts and active opportunities in Salesforce to deliver personalized welcome messages in Drift from account or opportunity owners. Then fast-track VIP contacts and opportunities to the right sales rep with Opportunity Routing to close deals faster. Want more? Flex Routing allows you to set-up routing and syncing on any custom object.
Create leads or contacts in Salesforce that originated from Drift conversations
Salesforce CRM is your single source of truth. And you want to keep it that way. The Drift’s Salesforce integration lets you do just that. It automatically passes new leads identified in Drift chat to Salesforce and creates a new contact if that person doesn’t exist in Salesforce already. You can also pass leads into your marketing automation platforms like Marketo, Salesforce’s Marketing Cloud Account Engagement, Eloqua, or HubSpot, and then pass those leads into Salesforce.
Automatically update contact records with Drift Email
Drift Email’s email management software automatically separates human email replies from autoresponders. Reading back to Salesforce, Drift Email replaces out-of-date contact records, such as bounce backs and out-of-office replies, with updated information and will route real human responses to the right person.
Send live chat activity into Salesforce
Keep your customer and lead profiles up to date by continuously passing information from Drift conversations and email into your Salesforce account using Contact Attribute mapping. When a Drift chatbot is interacting with someone, it can save attributes about that person like their name, company, and more — and then map those attributes into Salesforce as fields. When a new lead books a meeting, Drift can invite the owner or account rep, create and event, and save the chat transcript.


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