Drift for Salesforce

Drift helps you organize conversations in Salesforce so your team can follow up with leads, report on lead activity, and measure the impact conversations have on your funnel. Your customer and activity data is always up-to-date so you can more accurately track new and existing leads — and report on this pipeline and revenue directly in Salesforce. And with our two-way integration, Drift syncs live chat data to Salesforce so you can route conversations with existing leads in Salesforce to the right account owner.

We know that conversations with your buyers contain a ton of context you want to pass into Salesforce. As an Independent Software Vendor (ISV) partner on the Salesforce AppExchange, it’s easy for Drift customers to automatically share conversation data in Salesforce. Using the Drift Conversation object, customers can import conversation metrics to accounts, leads, contacts, and tasks in Salesforce.

Create Leads or Contacts in Salesforce that Originated from Drift Conversations

Salesforce CRM is your single source of truth. And you want to keep it that way. The Drift + Salesforce integration lets you. It automatically passes new leads identified in Drift chat to Salesforce and creates a new contact if that person doesn’t exist in Salesforce already.

You can also pass leads into your marketing automation platforms like Marketo, Pardot, Eloqua, or HubSpot, and then pass those leads into Salesforce.

Send Live Chat Activity to Salesforce

Keep your customer and lead profiles up-to-date by continuously passing information from Drift conversations into your Salesforce account using Contact Attribute mapping. When a Drift chatbot is interacting with someone, it can save attributes about that person like their name, company, and more – and then map those attributes into Salesforce as fields.

Plus, when a new lead books a meeting with your sales team, Drift can:

  • Assign the sales rep as the lead owner for the opportunity in Salesforce
  • Create an event on their Salesforce live chat record that the meeting was booked
  • And save the Drift chat transcript in their Salesforce live chat record.

See Sales Opportunities Influenced by Drift Conversations

Drift’s Salesforce integration helps you understand how conversations throughout the buyer’s journey impact your bottom line.

Drift syncs with opportunities in Salesforce to analyze which opps were influenced by a Drift conversation, the dollar value of those opportunities, and even which conversation influenced the deal.

And with Drift for Salesforce app, you can easily report on this performance. You can access pre-built reports and dashboards directly within Salesforce – or build your own customized report – to see the impact of Drift across your business.

Have Conversations with Your Dream Customers

Roll out the red carpet for your target accounts. Sync target accounts from Salesforce into Drift to deliver personalized welcome messages from account owners and fast-track VIP contacts to the right sales rep.

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