Supercharge Your Sales Flywheel with Drift x Salesloft

By Andy Cochran

Your marketing team creates a targeted outreach campaign to draw in a potential buyer. Your sales team sends that same buyer a cold email. The buyer sees your company name mentioned on LinkedIn and Googles your brand. Three different touchpoints happen to the same prospect, and yet, you don’t see them tie together into a closed-won deal.

Why not? Because you don’t know when those opportunities are on your website, thinking about you.

6sense reports that on average, only 3% of all website traffic chooses to fill out a form. But with TrustRadius finding that 76% of today’s B2B buyers say that the first step they take after identifying a new business problem is to conduct their own research (rather than talking to a salesperson), it’s safe to say that more than 3% of your traffic fits within your ideal customer profile (ICP). That means almost all of your hard-earned web traffic goes unacknowledged.

But what if there was a way to know when your prospects were thinking about you? To be able to engage with them as soon as they opened your email? To greet them on your website with a personalized message that acknowledges who they are and what brought them to your site? To tie all of your marketing and sales touchpoints together into a closed-won deal?

With the bi-directional Drift x Salesloft integration, you can.

The Drift x Salesloft integration empowers sales and marketing professionals to create meaningful, perfectly-timed conversations with prospects, so you can deliver better experiences and convert more quality pipeline, faster. Our integration takes your siloed marketing and sales activities and blends them into one cohesive customer journey — bringing in better results for both buyers and sellers.

How Drift x Salesloft Optimizes Your Sales Flywheel

Traditionally, go-to-market (GTM) teams have looked at inbound and outbound sales as two separate entities. But in reality, they’re two sides of the same coin. Because the more outbounding effort you put in, the more inbound traffic comes out.

Think about it: As we said at the beginning of this blog, 76% of buyers conduct their own research at the start of their buying journey. Because prospects will actively look for a solution to the problem they want solved, it’s up to your outbounding efforts (email campaigns, social media, etc.) to make sure your name gets on their radar. Once you’ve piqued their interest, the prospect will arrive on your website — at which point, it’s on your marketing team to create an optimal website experience and your inbound sales team to prioritize and operationalize around the prospect’s intent.

When you acknowledge this mutual partnership between inbound and outbound prospecting, you can better align your sales and marketing efforts to create a flywheel of leads and deliver a more cohesive buying journey.

Drift’s Conversational Sales solution helps bridge the gap between inbound and outbound prospecting by providing you with the information you need to understand how prospects are interacting with your brand and how to best prioritize your outreach around those intent signals.

But leveraging the Drift x Salesloft integration gives your flywheel even more momentum by eliminating the need for truly cold outreach. Let’s look at an example of how 👇

    1. Your marketing team creates a new ebook. A sales rep sends an email to a target account through Salesloft including a link to that ebook. While the prospect doesn’t respond to the email, they do click the link to the offer.
    2. When they click the link, the prospect is taken to the ebook landing page where they’re immediately greeted by a Drift chatbot. The chatbot greets them by name and acknowledges that they’re coming over from the email.
    3. While the prospect engages with the content, the rep who sent the email receives a desktop notification that their target account is on your site. The rep immediately jumps into their Drift instance and joins the chat conversation on the landing page.
    4. After the prospect leaves your website, the entire interaction gets stored both within the Drift dashboard and the Salesloft dashboard. This way, no matter which dashboard the rep prefers to spend their time in, they have access to all of the information they need to keep the sales cycle moving.

On average, when Salesloft and Drift customers personalize their outreach by leveraging both products in their campaigns, they generate 1000 more leads and 100 more meetings than from more generalized strategies.

4 Tactical Ways to Leverage Drift x Salesloft in Your GTM Strategy

Whether you only use Drift or only use Salesloft right now, setting up the integration is simple — and will have you seeing higher ROI across your GTM strategy.

Here are four ways how:

1. Deanonymize Your Website Traffic

If you already have an account enrolled in a Salesloft cadence, Drift will automatically recognize that account when they come to your website. This allows your digital marketing team to create personalized Drift playbooks that acknowledge who those visitors are and why they’re there — creating relevant website experiences that close the gap between all of those outbound emails and the prospect’s inbound activity.

Conversely, if Drift recognizes a site visitor that is not already enrolled in a Salesloft cadence, you can configure the integration to auto-enroll those site visitors in one.

On average, Drift Intel de-anonymizes 20.3% of all website traffic for our customers. With the Salesloft integration, that percentage jumps to 41.4%.

2. Consolidate Your Account Activity

The Drift x Salesloft integration is bi-directional — meaning that the information you gather in one database automatically syncs with the information you gather in another database. This means that no matter where your sales reps are looking, they will have a holistic view of all of their target account activity, which also means that they will know exactly when and how to reach out to their accounts.

3. Skip the Small Talk

Gone are the days of prospects engaging with your marketing collateral, learning about your products, and then starting the conversation all over again when they finally get on a call with a sales rep.

Thanks to all of the data stored within the Drift and Salesloft databases, you can skip the usual qualifying questions and get straight into the questions that will drive conversions. With our integration, both prospects and reps can save time when they enter discovery calls knowing that all the background information is already complete.

4. More Conversations, Faster

No more twiddling your thumbs, waiting for a prospect to raise their hand to talk to you. Drift’s real-time notifications allow reps to be more proactive instead of reactive by alerting reps as soon as their target accounts are on their site. Reps can jump into a real-time conversation and book a meeting before the prospect has time to move onto a competitor’s page. In fact, Drift research tells us that conversations where a human jumps into a chat conversation are 5x more likely to convert.

Even after the chat has wrapped up, our integration ensures that the conversation doesn’t end. Reps can follow up with prospects asynchronously by sending personalized Drift Videos through Salesloft that recap the conversation and reiterate next steps.

Final Thoughts

Selling shouldn’t be a guessing game — and with Drift x Salesloft, it doesn’t have to be!

The Drift x Salesloft integration gives you all of the data you need to develop a more informed sales strategy, warm up your cold outreach, and provide valuable feedback to your marketing team on what’s working and what’s not. All of these optimizations come together to create a more cohesive GTM strategy where your outbound traffic becomes your inbound traffic — leading to more personalized conversations and more pipeline, faster.

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