How Salesloft Used Its Drift Integration to 7X ROI

By Drift
salesloft drift integration

When you see a Nick Sal byline, you know what’s coming next: a true story about how one of our exceptional Drift Partners helped take Conversational Marketing to the next level, with tips on how you can do the same.

This month I want to change it up just a bit and put the spotlight on one of our Drift Technology Partners.

The Drift Technology Partners are an innovative group who are constantly finding new ways to link Drift with the literally thousands of sales and marketing applications out there.

(This is only possible because Drift plays well with others thanks to dozens of native integrations, Zapier automations, and our open development platform.)

For this month’s article, I invited Whitney Moore, Manager of Inbound Sales Development at Salesloft, to talk about how two great sales and marketing tools can add up to more than the sum of their parts. What I discovered is that Salesloft is not only a Drift Technology Partner but an inspiring Conversational Marketing success story in their own right.

Editor’s note: The following has been edited and condensed for clarity.

Nick Salvatoriello: Let’s set the stage for the Drift + Salesloft integration. How would you describe the Salesloft platform?

Whitney Moore: We call it the Modern Revenue Workspace, a single intelligent solution for an entire sales team, the one-stop-shop for sellers and managers to execute on their sales process, collaborate, and win more deals.

The Modern Revenue Workspace contains natively integrated cadences, including email, calendaring, dialer and sales playbooks, conversations with coaching, call recording, transcription analysis, and deals, including forecasting, pipeline management, and deal intelligence.

Having everything on one platform allows sellers and sales teams to seamlessly work across all of the products and get deep revenue intelligence and insight to drive action. Artificial intelligence (AI) is infused throughout the user experience, identifying the most engaged prospects, at-risk deals, and more so that sellers don’t have to rely on gut instinct anymore.

Nick: That has a familiar ring to it. Drift has also embraced AI in our solution, and we’re also trying to help sellers become more effective.

Whitney: Exactly. There are many common challenges that Salesloft and Drift both solve for within the sales and marketing groups of an organization, which is what makes them a great fit for integration.

We partnered with Drift to drive a more hyper-relevant buyer experience and help sales and marketing professionals create meaningful, perfectly-timed connections with prospects while eliminating cold outbound activities.

Our partnership furthers our goal to align sales and marketing teams by giving them real-time visibility into their target accounts’ activities. The integration enables sales users to receive real-time notifications, identify and target visitors, view Drift events in Salesloft, and easily add prospects to a cadence.

Nick: What convinced you that Drift and Salesloft could be a match made in heaven?

Whitney: Our own experience as Drift users. Not only do we have a successful partnership with Drift, but we are our own customer success story.

Nick: Really? Tell me more about that.

Whitney: Every quarter, our inbound SDR team sources double-digit percentage points of our total pipeline. Yet, there was still a huge dropoff between the buyers visiting our website and the number we were converting into inbound leads. We knew we needed a tool to enable interactions with these buyers in a way that felt like less of a commitment to them than booking time with our reps.

Because of our tight relationship with Drift through our partnership and the release of the Salesloft + Drift integration, we knew Drift provided the solution to best enable our team.

After implementing Drift right here at Salesloft in March of last year, we have seen:

  • Over 12,000 Drift-hosted conversations
  • 1,700 newly engaged target account names
  • Nearly 1,000 meetings booked with our sales team
  • More than 7x ROI on Drift

Those are just the highlights of what we’ve done so far being our own best users of our integration. We are looking forward to more of these successes in 2022.

Nick: Impressive! Why do you think Drift has been so effective for you — especially when combined with your Modern Revenue Workspace?

Whitney: Drift has given our inbound team the freedom to nurture every incoming opportunity with complete care. With custom talk-track options, our team can keep our brand intact while managing new and old relationships.

We can meet buyers where they are in their evaluation process, and when they are ready to connect, we can more proactively nurture their interests.

Drift allows us to quickly add high-priority buyers into a high-priority cadence, ensuring our reps can follow up with buyers within minutes of their interactions through the Drift platform. By enrolling high-priority accounts and contacts directly into cadences, we can eliminate human error (or forgetfulness).

And the activity insights about the buyer shared from Drift through to the Salesloft activity feed help our reps gain more context about the buyer and their company, helping them have more effective calls.

Nick: And now, the Salesloft + Drift integration provides the same benefits to your customers.

Whitney: We wouldn’t feel right keeping it to ourselves.

Salesloft and Drift have hundreds of mutual customers, many of whom have already adopted the integration and are finding value across their marketing and sales teams — experiencing similar results as our own.

Nick: You mentioned earlier that one of your goals at Salesloft is to align sales and marketing teams. How does the Drift integration help both groups and help bring both groups together?

Whitney: For salespeople, the Salesloft + Drift integration solves the challenges of not having buyer-level insights or easy outbound enrollment by allowing for easy Salesloft cadence enrollment and having a single place to view all account activity.

The integration also helps marketers who may be missing opportunities to connect with target accounts. Buyers from target accounts are now engaged from the website and can be converted into pipeline for the sales team. They can also skip qualification and offer a personalized greeting to visitors enrolled within a Salesloft cadence.

Our partnership with Drift provides sales and marketing teams alike with real-time visibility into their collective target account activities, ensuring everyone has access to the same information at the same time.

Nick: I can’t wait to see where this collaboration takes our two companies — and, most importantly, how it will help our mutual customers see the kind of transformational sales and marketing results Salesloft has achieved using Drift.

Whitney: Me neither. Our two product teams are working closely together — alongside our mutual customers — to find new opportunities to expand the use cases of the integration in the future. So, stay tuned!

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