The Biggest Insights into Conversational Marketing from 32 Million Conversations

Today, more of our
conversations are mediated by computer than ever before. 

But, as marketers, that doesn’t mean we should replace human interaction with endless button clicks, pre-recorded videos, and virtual assistants. Instead, we should use that technology to streamline the process of connecting buyers with sellers.

Because meaningful conversations cut through the marketing noise, even when the economy is tough. And we have 32 million conversations to prove it. Here are the talking points you need to know about Conversational Marketing to create more value for customers and get ahead of the competition.

It Pays to Talk. Here’s How Much.

Whoever said that talk is cheap clearly wasn’t having the right conversations. Our users know that. Over the course of 32.8 million conversations, our customers saw:

Leads Captured
Booked Meetings
Pipeline Influenced
Revenue Influenced

Digital Experiences Are in Demand

The first place we go when we want to order food, watch a movie, or look up any piece of information accessible to man is a phone, tablet, or computer. Our lives are a digital/analog hybrid, and buyers too want an experience that is always-on while also still being human.


of B2B sales interactions will occur in digital channels by 2025.


of buyers want a seller-free sales experience — and that jumps to 44% among millennials.

Source: Gartner


of buyers prefer to fill out a form over interacting with a Conversational Marketing solution.


less people said they preferred to interact with a person over interacting with a Conversational Marketing solution in 2022 compared to 2021.

Conversation-based AI is paving the way of the future. With Drift’s ability to use Conversational AI to contextualize responses that augment the efforts of human teams, we’ve created a feature that helps sales reps of all experience levels be more productive.

Matt Tippets

SVP, Product

Conversational Marketing Is Making Waves Everywhere

All marketers believe Conversational Marketing is valuable. Our 2022 State of Conversations report found that Conversational Marketing is a big hit with businesses and buyers alike.


of buyers said the top reason they use Conversational Marketing is to communicate with businesses.


of C-suite executives rated their Conversational Marketing solution as very valuable.


of marketers at the largest enterprises rated their Conversational Marketing solution as either valuable (69%) or somewhat valuable (31%) to their business.

Power Conversions with Conversations

Conversations don’t just mean better experiences for buyers. Done right, conversations will bring in more opportunities and reliable revenue for your business.


of site visitors who engage in chat will book a meeting.


as many conversations convert to opportunities when started on a high-intent page (Contact Us, Pricing, etc.)


more conversations convert to leads when they’re started from marketing campaigns.

5 Ways to Get More from Your Conversational Marketing


Be wherever buyers need bots — more chatbots means more opportunities for buyers to chat.


Craft personalized conversations across all channels, not just chatbots.


Innovate on your messaging over time to drive more effective conversations.


Join forces with sales to create a consistent and seamless chatbot experience.


Turn on the AI features and trust your bot to do its job.

get ahead of the competition.