Drift for Sales: Build and Close More Pipeline, Faster

By Holly Xiao
Conversational Sales

Let’s face it. The way businesses buy from businesses is outdated. It’s time-consuming, inefficient, and disorganized for both buyers and sellers.

With a shift in buying dynamics coupled with digital buying behavior, sales teams continue to anticipate challenges ahead. In fact, a survey of sales professionals found that 55% of respondents expected a decrease in pipeline, 44% foresaw a decrease in response to outreach, and 60% predicted a decrease in deals won.

Does this sound familiar?

I thought it might. Now consider this: What if I told you that the key to hitting revenue targets lies in the right sales technology? Buyers are in control and expect a white-glove experience. It’s time to stop selling with blinders on — and start personalizing outreach based on engagement insights, intent signals, and the right communication tools to tailor your conversations with buyers.

The Power of Conversational Sales

Modern selling is all about customers and meeting them where they’re at. To meet buyers’ expectations and drive revenue successfully, you must start the right conversations with the right buyers, at the right time.

In today’s marketplace the customer is the boss. They expect value and zero friction at each stage of the customer journey. Drift’s platform helps fuel growth around the customer journey by connecting people at the right time and right away across our business.

– Ryan Barry, President, Zappi

Conversational Sales helps sellers close deals faster by giving you a unified place to get real-time buyer insights, collaborate with teammates, and jumpstart personalized conversations through chat, video, email, or phone.

Whether your team handles inbounding, prospecting, or deal management, Conversational Sales is your biggest opportunity.

The suite of integrated solutions include:

Conversational Sales is one of the three pillars of Drift’s Conversation Cloud, which brings together conversational and customer data across sales, marketing, and service so you can deliver a consistent experience across the buyer’s journey. Click here to learn more.

Start the Right Conversation at the Right Time

Imagine browsing a pricing page and then feeling your phone ring in your pocket. It’s a rep from the company whose page you are looking at. They ask if you have any questions and you book a meeting for later that day.

☝️ When it comes to building more pipeline, nothing is more powerful than that moment right there.

Connecting your sales reps with buyers at the exact moment they are most likely to engage (or buy!) is what Conversational Sales is all about.

Drift provides a better experience for people to learn about how we can help their business and, at the same time, makes our sales team more efficient in prospecting for new customers. Our sales reps now spend more time chatting with people who are genuinely interested in our services.

– Scott Noll, Former VP of Sales, ThriveHive

But without buyer insights, sellers struggle to focus on the right accounts and waste time going after the wrong ones — who aren’t ready to buy. This shows up as inefficiency and hurts your productivity. It also leads to missed quotas, deals, and customers.

But don’t worry.

Drift acts as your radar to tell you when and who to engage with throughout the sales cycle. With real-time notifications and insights, you get instant visibility into buyer intent based on what web pages they visit, which sales touchpoints they engage with, and how often they interact with your brand. 

Drift Prospector automatically prioritizes the top engaged accounts so you know which ones to work on first. You can even filter off any Drift attribute to customize activity insights, alerts, and page views to show what matters most to you.

Turn Insights into One-of-a-Kind Experiences

Today’s buyers are overloaded with communication from companies everywhere. So how do you stand out from the noise?

With the best buying experience that builds trust. In fact, 88% of buyers describe the salespeople they do business with as “trusted advisors.”

Chat is meeting people where they are rather than fifteen touches it takes to get a prospect to respond or engage.

– Melissa Raber, Director of Inside Sales, Workiva

So what’s the surest way to earn trust? Recognize problems, provide solutions, and most importantly, be a human.

Access live chat from a Drift Video.

Drift helps you humanize the sales process by providing real-time insights that put you in your buyers’ shoes. Using these insights, you’ll be able to have more meaningful conversations across chat, email, video, and more. You’ll gain the trust of buyer committees, shorten deal cycles, and win more (and bigger) deals.

Drift is making a significant impact on our sales cycle, making them go faster! With Conversational Sales, we can attribute more than 4.5X faster from initial engagement to closed-won.

– Melissa Raber, Senior Director of Revenue Operations and Sales Development, Workiva

Make Selling a Team Sport

Selling can be lonely. But with the average B2B buying committee being made up of six to 10 people, and digital sales becoming an industry standard, collaboration is key in modern selling.

And that goes for both internal and external collaboration. Drift Deal Room helps you effortlessly collaborate with teammates and buyer committees on a single platform.

As a single source of truth for action items, past communications, and resources, Deal Room helps buyers remove friction, maintain alignment with sellers, and have more control over the sales process to make decisions faster.

As a seller, you can engage with entire buyer committees in the digital space to stay close, problem-solve together, and keep deals moving. Win-win.

Drift Deal Room

Raise the Bar on Buyer Experiences

To hit revenue targets in 2022, sales teams need to stop selling with blinders on. Empower your sales team with the right insights, channels, and tools to create one-of-a-kind buying experiences.

Drift Conversational Sales is a springboard to help you drive sales conversations, stay on top of every opportunity, and win more deals, faster.

Drift helps sales teams remove friction from the buyer journey, edge out competitors, and win more business.

See Conversational Sales in action today.