The Wait Is Over: Introducing Drift Conversational Service

By Aurelia Solomon
Drift Conversational Service

I think we can all agree: With the right track and at the right volume, on-hold music can be pleasant. For the first 15 seconds, that is.

But after minutes (and, in the worst-case scenario, hours) of waiting, that tinny sound could drive anyone insane. And don’t even get me started on those “Thanks for submitting your help request” emails.

☝️ We’ve all been there before. We have a simple question, but it takes ages to get a response. Cue the music.

As consumers, we expect convenience, speed, friendly service, and knowledgeable help when we need it. And when a company misses the mark, we’re not afraid to switch to a competitor that will meet our expectations.

To keep pace with customers, empowerment is key. This means allowing customers to solve problems themselves, while also being available to help them when they want it.

But many customer support teams often struggle to balance it all — between managing high ticket volumes and providing accurate, timely responses. It’s no surprise then that customer service wait times are only increasing. The result? Unhappy customers, higher churn, and lost revenue.

There’s got to be a better way.

Introducing Drift Conversational Service

And there is. Today we are unveiling an entirely new Drift solution that extends our reach to a customer’s post-sale experience.

Drift Conversational Service is the third pillar of Drift Conversation Cloud. Drift Conversation Cloud brings together conversational and customer data across sales, marketing, and service to provide a 360-degree view of your customer that you can use to deliver a consistent experience across the buyer’s journey.

Conversational Service empowers your customers to find answers to their questions quickly and easily or get help from a human without having to wait.

Let me break that down a bit more. Conversational Service lets you personalize customer care anytime a customer needs help — without burdening your support teams. The result is a positive experience that strengthens your customer relationship and brand, improves efficiency, and reduces costs.

For the post-sale experience, this includes empowering customers to answer questions using self-service content from your knowledge base, deflecting common and simple support questions from your service team, and automatically creating a support ticket (or looping in a live service agent for more complex requests and high-priority customers).

Here’s how it works ⚡️

Deflect to Self-Service

Answer customer questions quickly and accurately, without involving service agents. Deflect simple support questions and empower customers via self-service content from your knowledge base. This means your service agents can instead focus on your high-priority customers and more complex support issues.

Drift Conversational Service

Connect Live Agents When Needed

Drift can automatically create a support ticket for your customer or route in a service agent in real-time. It’s natively integrated with Salesforce and Zendesk — and supports email forwarding to any ticketing system.

Drift Conversational Service

Boost CSAT & Service Agent Productivity

Pre-built CSAT and deflection rate reporting gives service leaders the data they need to track and measure performance — in real-time and trending over time.

Drift Conversational Service

Ready to put an end to annoying hold music? To get your questions answered in real-time? I know I am.

Get a demo of conversational service today.