Where Sellers and Buyers Collaborate

Manage the entire sales process with your buyers — all in one place — to close deals faster and more effectively.

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Drift is making a significant impact on our sales cycle, making them go faster! We can attribute more than 4.5X faster from initial engagement to closed-won.

Melissa Raber

Senior Director of Revenue Operations and Sales Development at Workiva

Shorten Deal Cycles with Personalized Mutual Action Plans

Every deal is different. But it pays to have a plan. Guide buying committees through the sales process with a mutual action plan, know when to jump in via real-time notifications, and deliver personalized experiences at scale.

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Drift Deal Room

Bring Everyone (and Everything) Together

Don’t let critical information slip through the cracks. Use Deal Room as a single source of truth for past communications, notes, and resources. If buyers have questions, they can even chat with reps directly, hop on a call, or book a meeting.

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Drift Deal Room

Selling is Now a Team Sport

Collaborate internally between peers, managers, and cross-functional teams in one central location. Sales managers can even follow along in Deal Room to help new hires ramp up and coach reps more effectively (even in a remote world).

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Being able to respond in real-time as a real human goes a long way toward getting deals over the finish line. Drift enables instant conversations in which I deliver the exact information a prospect needs when they are most engaged and ready to take action. It’s a better experience for our buyers and delivers better conversion results for our business.

Ryan Jennings

Executive Director at Buy NZ

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