Traditional sales email tools are broken.

More often than not it feels like the email we receive are irrelevant, from strangers we don’t know. As marketers and salespeople, we love email because it’s easy and “it works.” But everyone else hates it because we abuse it by sending too many emails.

We also hate it because it’s not smart. Marketers send email. Then salespeople send more email. And as if that weren’t bad enough, our product sends email too — creating a terrible buying experience for our customers.

But email isn’t going away — it just needs to be rebuilt for a world that runs on realtime conversations.

We went back to the drawing board so that our customers can send emails that actually help their customers buy.

Drift Sequences is sales email reinvented. It’s a revolutionary new way for sales reps and potential customers to communicate.

Introducing Drift Sequences

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Email that connects to real-time messaging

Drift Sequences automatically connects potential customers to their sales rep when they visit your website. Finally, email that is realtime.

Never send another unwanted sales email again.

Let Drift do the tedious work for you. Drift Sequences uses machine learning and natural language processing to automatically opt recipients out of emails based on their replies.

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Send smarter email that consider context beyond the inbox.

Your email automation should be as smart as you. And you’d never send an email offering a demo to someone that has already booked one. Drift Sequences looks at the other behavior of your leads and won’t send them email if they’ve already had a conversation with you or booked a demo.

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What people are saying about Drift Sequences

“The speed and turnaround from Drift Sequences, in terms of turning those emails into real conversations that led to actual sales, is brilliant.”

Robert Gillespie

Head of Marketing, Swipii

“With Drift Sequences, we get to engage leads when they come to the website, which shortens the funnel time and increases sales velocity.”

Leo Strupczewski

VP Marketing, TreeRing

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