7 Cold Sales Email Templates That Your SDRs Should Steal

Cold sales emails getting the cold shoulder? Your prospects deserve better. Steal these cold sales email templates from Drift’s own SDR team to start meaningful conversations with future customers today.

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According to a report by TOPO, the average SDR writes about 56 inbound and 40 outbound sales emails per day. Yet, only 48% of SDRs are actually hitting their sales quota.

To be fair, email has always been crowded real estate. But, the need to stand out among the masses has never been greater, especially in a channel that has only grown in popularity over the years. The truth is many SDRs struggle to break through the noise. And there’s a reason for that:

A majority of today’s cold outreach sales emails wouldn’t pass a simple Turing Test.


Because personalization and authenticity can’t be accomplished with just a name token at the top of an email. Sure, you might follow a best practice formula: Your World Now > What Your World Could Be > How We Can Get You There. But, no matter what template you follow there’s one thing that will always separate a forgettable email from a great one:


Modern buyers can see right through a sales email template that was sent to a thousand other people.

Through trial and error, we’ve learned that the best cold sales emails feel custom-built, not one-size-fits-all. And that’s not to say that tried and true cold email formulas should be thrown away. What it means is that how you choose to customize your templates matters.

If you’ve ever received a Drift email before, you know they’re a little something special. From GIFs to videos to yes, emojis, everyone at Drift has been taught to write sales emails they would happily send to a friend. Our SDRs are no different.

We’ve thrown the stuffy, corporate, robotic B2B email rulebook out the window – and, we think you should too. So, we reached out to our SDR team and asked them what sales email templates they use to break through the noise, and how they customize them for buyers.

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Cold emails not getting the warm reception you hoped for? Breakthrough the noise with these 7 templates.