10 Cold Email Templates That Your SDRs Should Steal

Cold emails getting the cold shoulder? Ignite the conversation with these email templates from Drift’s SDR team.

About This Book

Revenue teams have crowned email as the most popular channel to communicate with businesses, which means now, it’s harder than ever to catch your buyer’s eye. But the truth is many SDRs have always struggled to stand out in a crowded inbox.


Because most cold emails are missing the one ingredient that separates a generic email from an unforgettable one: personalization.

Today’s buyers are tired of getting emails where the only thing customized is their name at the top. When it comes to personalization, what buyers really want is an email that feels made for them.

That’s not to say you have to throw out your well-worn cold email templates. You just have to customize them differently.

If you’ve ever received a Drift email, you know they’re a little something special. With GIFs, videos, and emojis, we’ve thrown stuffy, corporate emails out the window — and we think you should too.

In this book, we’ll share the 10 email templates that our SDRs use to break the ice with buyers. Along the way, we’ll provide a few tips for adding an extra personal touch to your emails so that you can grab your buyers’ attention.

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Turn Cold Emails into a Warm Reception

No response means your buyers aren’t feeling a spark. Start better conversations with these personalized templates.