Send Smarter Emails. Introducing Drift Email – For Marketers Who Want to Drive Real Results.

Creating a frictionless customer experience – from brand awareness to upsell and renewal – is no longer a nice-to-have. It’s a critical component of differentiated marketing.

So if you work in demand generation like me, that means you’re likely spending a lot of time designing a great website experience, nurturing experience, sales experience, and more. You’re also probably spending countless hours designing, writing and sending beautiful marketing emails – because email is a critical touchpoint in the buyer journey.

But are you ignoring the customer experience for your email campaigns?

For example, what happens when someone receives your email and wants to take action on it? If clicking the CTA leads them to landing pages and forms, then I’ve got bad news for you. You’ve lost the opportunity to engage with someone when they’re actually thinking about your company.

And if they respond to the email, does their response go to a no-reply or unmonitored inbox black hole? Or does it go to an overwhelmed marketing ops or demand generation marketer who has to spend hours picking out human replies? Does it get to the business development team for follow-up – and do they actually follow up?

Painful, right? There’s a better way.

That’s where Drift Email comes into play. Formerly known as Drift | Siftrock, Drift Email gives you the same great email management experience you love, just with a new name. Drift Email helps you drive more pipeline from your email campaigns, improves email conversion rates and manages your email database for you.

Now, more than ever, marketers are tapping into the power of email to reach their goals. Keep reading for ways to Drift Email can help you get there.

Email can help you start a conversation with your buyers

Customers today care less about glossy marketing emails and more about engaging with companies in a real, authentic way – when and where they want to, on their own terms. The companies that understand and design for that need are the ones who will win.

So if your ultimate goal is to drive opportunities for your sales team, the best way to do that is by making your emails the start of a conversation.

Instead of the anonymous and friction-filled CTA link, send emails where the CTA is a response, just like to a friend. We’re willing to bet you’ll see higher engagement – and ultimately, higher conversion rates – because it feels natural and authentic, helping you establish a real relationship with prospective customers.

Let Drift Email handle your replies

But how do you stay on top of all those replies? Let’s walk through how Drift Email can help.

Drift Email sorts through all the responses in your marketing inbox automatically, picking out human replies from automated ones and routing those actual replies to the right place. That means your business development team only receives real responses from people interested in learning more – ensuring those high-intent leads get a quick follow up, and delivering a great customer experience. (And your marketing team doesn’t lose hours manually sorting through emails and forwarding them to sales).

Plus, with Drift Email, you clean and enrich your email database automatically with every send. Our machine learning algorithm sorts through unsubscribe requests and automated replies, mining and processing out-of-office replies, job changes, phone numbers, and more. Then it updates your email database directly in your marketing automation platform, without you lifting a finger.

It’s a game-changer for demand gen marketers like me. You get the best of all worlds – more pipeline, better email performance, a great customer experience, and a self-cleaning email database. But don’t just take it from me. Keep reading to learn more about the evolution of Drift Email and the growth it’s helped our customers unlock.

A tool that grows with your business

If you’ve made it this far into the post, you might be thinking: Drift Email, I thought that was already a thing? What about Drift | Siftrock?

Drift Email is the latest evolution of the Siftrock platform.

When Drift acquired Siftrock back in 2018, we saw a unique opportunity to bring conversational marketing to email. After all, the customer experience doesn’t begin and end on your website. Every touchpoint, from brand awareness to closing the deal, is an opportunity to create real relationships with prospective customers, and to delight them with a customer-centric experience. That experience usually makes the difference between a buyer continuing to engage with your company and simply moving on to a competitor.

Two years later, Siftrock has become an integral part of Drift’s conversational marketing platform, helping hundreds of companies send smarter emails and drive more pipeline from email marketing.

For example, since implementing Drift Email, Nichole Marsano, Director of Demand Generation at PayScale, has seen:

  • $109,000 in first-touch revenue, resulting in a 15X first-year direct ROI
  • 5,000 contacts enriched with new job titles
  • 2,000 previously lost human replies routed to PayScale team members for prospect and customer engagement
  • 8+ hours of manual work eliminated for the marketing ops team
  • 6,500 new contacts discovered on target accounts

Nichole is just getting started.

And so are we. We’re hard at work building the next generation of conversational email.

Want to learn more? Let’s have a conversation about how much more pipeline you could be driving with Drift Email.