Inbox Management Tools that Integrate with Your Tech Stack

The average marketer sees a 2.84% reply rate on their marketing emails, and those questions and requests for more information are worth their weight in sales gold. But how many of those email replies got lost in a sea of auto-responses? Can you always confirm those replies actually got to sales?
In other words… you really don’t know who replied or when (if at all). Change that with Drift Email’s inbox management tools. They seamlessly integrate into your existing email marketing tech stack so you can drive more pipeline from your email campaigns with less work.

Send Email Replies To The Right People, Automatically

How do Drift’s inbox management tools work?

  • Drift Email analyzes all of your incoming marketing and sales email replies.
  • It finds and tags the real human replies.
  • It syncs contact activities and email reply data to lists or fields in your marketing automation platform.
  • Then it automatically routes those email replies to the right reps.

email inbox management tools from Drift
Every single marketing email was going to one alias. Our data research team would have to sift through the replies manually. In the time we’ve had Drift Email that’s been 93K emails! The time saved there has been huge.”
— Matt Solomon, Revenue Operations at Procore

How much pipeline could you generate if you were able to act on every single human email reply?

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Inbox Management Tools that Fit Seamlessly into Your Tech Stack

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