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You crafted the perfect email. It had an email headline, and offer that no one could refuse, and send it out to 1,000 of your best prospects. You come back Monday morning, and bingo! 272 responses waiting in your inbox. Awesome response. But wait. Who is going to respond to all these people? And what about the 13 out of office replies and the 11 bounce backs?

Well, before Drift Siftrock, this would be a problem for someone on your team to handle manually. Yikes. And it’s not just a problem for you, but what about the potential customer who’s expecting a response ASAP? That’s where Drift Siftrock comes in. We’ll handle all of that for you. It’s like having a personal assistant managing your shared inbox 24/7/365.

Drift Siftrock will handle your inbox so you can focus on your customer.


Here’s What Drift Siftrock Can Do For Your Marketing & SDR Teams


Improve Database Health & Deliverability

Invalidate out-of-date cont acts. Find job changes immediately. Update phone numbers & titles from email signatures.

screenshot of email database update

Enable 2-way Email Engagement

Route real human responses to the right rep. Measure reply rates. Manage & track all campaign responses in one place


Find 20% More Sales Contacts

Surface new sales leads from OOO replies. Find replacement contacts when people change jobs. Mine email signatures for new phone numbers.

find sales contacts through email reply
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Plug and Play

Drift Siftrock Connects Right To The Tools You’re Already Using

With Drift Siftrock, our clients are able to learn more about their database, gather automatically-generated net new leads, and ultimately communicate more effectively with their target audience. As an agency, we love the ability to automate elements of database maintenance and inbox monitoring.”

President, NuGrowth Digital


Route and Update Data Automatically
  • Up to 3 connected inboxes
  • 1 subdomain / virtual inbox
  • Clean and update invalid email addresses
  • Enrich contact record from email signatures
  • Static routing & tracking
  • Mine and sync new contacts
  • Integration for Marketo, Eloqua, HubSpot, Pardot, and Act-On
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Includes all Pro features plus:
  • Up to 30 connected inboxes
  • Eloqua CDO integration and workflows
  • International language rules (German, Spanish)
  • Mine and sync new contacts
  • Static routing & tracking
  • Lead owner lookup routing
  • Dynamic domain routing
  • Up to 10 subdomains
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Follow-up Bot
Automate follow up emails and make a warm hand off to sales when the time is right. Follow-up Bot has you covered.
Offer Bot
Make engaging with your emails as easy as replying to them. Offer Bot can help you do that.
Re-Engage Bot
Closed lost opps were at one point hot leads. Restart the conversation with them using Re-engage bot.
All Bots Include
  • Integration with Marketo, Pardot, HubSpot, Eloqua or Act-on
  • Bot uses machine learning to interpret replies
  • Includes autoresponder so the bot can respond to your buyers replies
  • Includes CC lead owner feature, so bot can make a warm intro to sales team for your buyers
  • Includes marketing automation list and contact property sync
Each sold separately

You can focus on your customers when Drift Siftrock focuses on your email