Here’s Why You Need Email Bots

Guarantee 100% Of Your Leads Get A Sales Conversation

Instead of overwhelming your team with a ton of MQLs they’ll never get to anyways you can make sure 100% of your MQLs get touched. You can offer them the same 1:1 conversation your sales team would have but with an Email Bot doing the work for them.

  • Connect your contact lists from your marketing automation platform to Siftrock
  • Siftrock’s Conversational Email templates were designed by our team to help you start conversations over email
  • Siftrock Routing ensures that each lead gets introduced to the right person on your team

Each Email Bot is sold separately. Contact us for pricing.

Create A Fastlane For Your Best Leads To Your Sales Team

When your Email Bot discovers someone is qualified and ready to talk to sales, they’ll introduce them in the same email thread.

  • Email Bots can actually look up the lead owner and CC them in a reply
  • Lead owner is pulled from your marketing automation platform
  • Machine learning identifies intent of your leads based on their email replies

Each Email Bot is sold separately. Contact us for pricing.

Engage More Buyers With Conversational Emails

Today’s email marketing “best” practices no longer work like they used to. Buyers don’t want to click and fill out a form to get an offer. Instead you can make engaging with your email offers as simple as replying to them.

  • MAP integration to pull in contact lists
  • Conversational email templates designed to start conversations
  • Machine learning can automate conversations

Each Email Bot is sold separately. Contact us for pricing.

How it works

Guarantee 100% Of Your Leads Get A Sales Conversation

Sync your contact lists from Marketo into Drift | Sitrock
Send a conversational email follow up
Bot interprets replies and takes the next step

Create A Fastlane For Your Best Leads To Your Sales Team

Send conversational email with follow up offer
Bot identifies responses for offer
Bot introduces the sales person into the conversation

Engage More Buyers With Conversational Email

Add reply CTAs to your emails
Bot uses machine learning to read replies and categorize them
Bot can provide offers back to your buyers

With Email Bots…


Email bots integrate with the most popular marketing automation platforms

Email bots integration with Marketo, Pardot, HubSpot, Eloqua, and Act-on.

Save your sales team time so they can spend time on the important stuff

When you take control of follow up emails, you also save your team time to focus on working and closing deals.


Machine learning does that hard work for you

Instead of someone on your team manually reviewing all the email replies, Email Bots will review replies for you.


Email bots can be used throughout the buying process

You can use them to follow up with leads after webinars, after they read your content or to re-engage cold leads.


Email Bots can update your marketing automation contact records

When they do identify intent, Email Bots can add contacts to lists or update contact fields in your marketing automation platform.


Email bots come with templates to help you start conversations

Our templates were designed and tested to start conversations regardless of the use case: for webinars, content, events and more.

Siftrock’s Email Bots have helped us automate engagement with our leads. We have sent approximately 4,200 emails and seen a conversion rate of roughly 5%; we’ve surfaced 16 high-value leads, and booked 9 meetings. Siftrock saves my sales team time and still helps them find opportunities.””

Jessi White
Manager of Marketing Ops, NAXEX Global

Email Bot Is An Add-On Feature of Drift | Siftrock

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How does email bot’s machine learning work?

Email Bot’s use machine learning to interpret email responses and understand what they mean. This type of machine learning is called natural language processing. Whereas some marketing automation platforms can identify a certain keyword and then take an action, Email Bot’s machine learning takes into consideration the entire email’s language and is able to categorize the intent.

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