What’s New in Drift? October 2020 Updates

At Drift, we make a conscious effort to put our customers first. To keep you posted on all the updates we’re making based on your feedback, we’re doing something new. Once a month on the Drift Blog, we’ll share the latest updates we’ve made to help you get the most out of Drift.

Here’s a quick introduction video from Ashlyn Daniel-Nuboer, Customer Marketing Specialist at Drift.

This month, you shared feedback that would make your SDR’s lives easier while prospecting, allow you to personalize your customer journey, customize your Drift experience, and more.

Read on to learn how our product team turned your feedback into features.

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Drift Chat

Support for Multiple Account Owners in Drift Prospector

You told us that accounts within your organizations were often shared between SDRs and AEs and this meant that only supporting one owner within Drift Prospector was not sufficient. We heard you and got to work to make Prospector even better.

Prospector can now support multiple account owners by pulling in additional Salesforce owner data. This means that SDRs can now view accounts shared between them and Account Executives. And Account Executives can view all their accounts – even those currently being worked by the SDR team.

Learn more about how to use Drift Prospector.

Create Custom Org-wide Meetings

Your time is precious and we don’t want you to spend it on creating meetings for each user within your organization. That’s why we’ve given org admins the ability to create custom org-wide meetings, which can be used by everyone across your org (instead of manually creating meetings for each user).

Just head here to get started.

Admin Password Resets

As an admin, having more control to manage your team helps reduce friction for your organization. That’s why we want you to have the capability to make it even easier for your team to access Drift. As an admin, you can now create new passwords for your teammates, send them the new password via email or copy the new password directly – all without leaving your Drift app.

Check it out here.

Meetings Types in Playbooks

You wanted different playbook flows to lead to specific meeting outcomes. Some meetings should be longer or have different information, based on how qualification earlier in the playbook went.

Now, you can create different meeting types to add to the “book a meeting” skill in the flow builder.

Schedule Playbooks to Go Offline

You told us you were setting up calendar reminders to turn off playbooks at a specific time. That’s way too tedious.

Now, you can set a date and time to turn off your playbook so you don’t have to set reminders for yourself.

Get more Drift Playbooks best practices here.

Drift Email

Easy Abandoned Chat Follow-up Emails

You told us you had to manually follow up with chats that had gone cold and that this usually required wrestling with your CRM and MAP.

Now, you can create abandoned chat campaigns that will automatically send follow-up emails. You can individually select which chat playbooks to include in each campaign.

Personalize Drift Email Campaigns with Drift Intel Company Data

There was no visible way to pull in company data for a recipient from the campaign editor. And, as a workaround, you had to manually type in personalization tokens with company fields from Drift Chat.

Now, you can leverage the powers of Drift Intel by selecting from a set of company fields and inserting the tokens right into the editor.

Add Audience Lists to Email Campaigns

Previously, there was no way to add an additional audience list to an existing campaign. You either had to create an entirely new email campaign to then add this new list to as an audience OR deal with updating the list in your MAP to add these new contacts to it.

Now, you can add multiple lists to an email campaign without any hoops to jump through.

Learn more about Drift Email.

Drift Video

Record & Insert Videos Directly from SalesLoft

Day-to-day, your sales teams are sitting in a lot of tools – like SalesLoft – so having one less screen to jump to can help them focus their time and become more efficient. Now, your team can get all the benefits of Drift Video without having to leave SalesLoft to record a video.

Learn more about Drift Video.

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