The biggest barrier in the B2B buying process just came crashing down. Is your website ready?

For years, marketers have faced a dilemma: You spend loads of time, talent, and treasure (read… money) driving the right people to your website. But…when they finally get there, they fill out a form just be considered for a chance to talk with you. Even your best leads and target accounts sometimes wait days or weeks for someone to follow up—even if they’re ready to buy.

But what if you could instantly recognize qualified leads and accounts without forms? What if your sales reps could greet your accounts by name the moment they arrive on your site? With Drift Intel, now it’s all possible…

Here’s What You Can Do with Drift Intel

Know when qualified leads are browsing your site—even if they're anonymous

Drift Intel gives you the info you used to have to ask visitors to give you themselves in real-time—company name, industry, employee count, revenue, location, and more.

Give your visitors a personalized experience that stands out.

You can use Drift Intel data to trigger personalized welcome messages, chat playbooks, and more—so every visitor can get the kind of personal touch most B2B websites are missing.

Connect with ABM targets in real time to fast-track your biggest sales

When a VIP lead lands on your site, your sales team can instantly reach out with a personalized message. You'll never miss an opportunity to connect with your highest valued accounts.

Real-Time Company Profiles

Uncover opportunities your anonymous traffic is hiding

In the old days, forms were the only way to get the info you need to qualify visitors. With Drift Intel, you’ll get a full company profile in Drift the moment they land on your site. That means you’ll know the visitor on your pricing page isn’t just a random person—it’s someone at a software company in NYC with 500 employees and $25-50m in annual revenue. It’s like X-ray vision for qualified leads.

Drift ABM revealing full company profile such as location, revenue, and Alexa rank
Intelligent Lead Routing

Get the right sales rep in front of your dream customers at the right time

Drift Intel routes qualified leads to the right sales rep based on company profile info like account, region, company size, or more. When one of your dream customers or ABM targets arrives, Drift will instantly notify their account owner so they can reach out in real time. And if that rep isn’t available, no problem—a chatbot can jump in and book a meeting for them.

Drift chat routing qualified lead to the right sales rep
Personalized Conversations at Scale

Capture more qualified leads with real-time, personalized messages

When high-value visitors arrive, you can automatically greet them with a message that’s personalized with details from their company profile. Instead of serving the same one-size-fits-all message to your visitors, you can increase engagement and responses with highly personalized messages targeted specifically at individuals.

Drift sending a real time personalized message to a high value visitor

Give Your Customers a Frictionless Buying Experience with Drift Intel

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