Automated Rep Availability and More Ways to Be Efficient: What’s New from Drift This July

By Noah Kortkamp

Happy July — we hope you had an amazing July 4th! To welcome you back, we’re super excited to unveil ELEVEN firework-worthy updates in Drift this month 🎆🎇

Read on to learn what’s new 👇

No More Missed Chats with Automated Rep Availability

One of the top features requested by our customers is the ability to automatically toggle sales reps as online or offline in live chat so as to avoid unintentionally missed chats. You asked, and we delivered!

Now, instead of manually toggling your availability, our intelligent system automatically updates your status to “Available” upon login and switches to “Away” when you log out or experience a loss of internet connection. This new enhancement saves your team time and ensures your chats don’t go unanswered when someone temporarily steps away.

Automated Rep Availability

Click to learn how to set up Automated Rep Availability for your sales team.

Get Started with Fastlane Even Faster

Fastlane is one of Drift’s highest-performing features. In a recent study of 34 customers, we found that Fastlane increased pipeline from Drift by 63%. Additionally, our customers who implemented Fastlane doubled their meetings booked through Drift.

With all of the amazing benefits that it offers, we wanted to make sure that our customers could get started using Fastlane as quickly as possible. Now, with Fastlane Quick Setup, you can have Fastlane up and running in less than five minutes. No more complex configurations or technical headaches — just a seamless experience from start to finish. With Quick Setup, you can enhance your forms in just a few clicks, with no code required.

Fastlane Quick Setup

Click here to learn more about Fastlane Quick Setup.

Gain Enhanced Visibility with Salesforce Opportunity Data & Last Touch Filter

Now more than ever, sales reps need to be making the most of their time in their outbound prospecting. This means engaging your top accounts when you’re top-of-mind for them and tailoring your outreach to each prospect’s specific needs and pain points.

With the addition of all Salesforce opportunity data in Drift Prospector, your reps can now gain visibility into all actions and engagements, even those outside of Drift. With this comprehensive view of your account’s interactions, reps can prioritize their prospecting efforts and better personalize their outbound messages.

Additionally, with the new “Last Sales Touch” filter in the Prospector dashboard, reps can easily sort and view accounts based on when the last sales touch occurred. This invaluable information empowers sales reps to avoid generic messaging and stay informed throughout the sales process.

Drift Prospector

Click to learn more about the Prospector dashboard.

Dig Deeper into Your Meetings Data

Is your organization struggling with high no-show and cancellation rates?

With the new “Recently Booked Meetings” and “Meetings Outcomes” tables within the Meetings page, reps and managers now have a one-stop shop where they can gain deeper insights into the outcomes of the meetings they booked. This data empowers your team to make data-driven decisions that lower your no-show rates and drive more qualified pipeline.

Drift Meetings Data

Click here to learn more about how to measure your meeting outcomes.

Set Up Your Sales Team for Success

What’s the best way to ensure your sales reps can get the most out of Drift? Our new Sales Setup Checklist workflow offers quick access to the essential setup tasks in Drift, leading to a smooth and successful onboarding experience for your sales reps. With this workflow, you can easily make sure that your reps have been set up for success from the start.

Sales Setup Checklist

Click here to learn more about the Sales Setup Checklist.

Minimize Errors with Our Simplified Salesforce Integration

With our latest enhancement to our Salesforce integration process, we’ve made it so that your implementation time is significantly accelerated and your integration errors are reduced.

Now that our enhancement proactively guides admins towards resolving permissions issues, you’ll have a smoother integration with minimal disruptions caused by changes to your Salesforce instance. And, if you run into any issues, this feature will also allow you to quickly run a check and see what user permissions are missing for the connected user.

Drift x Salesforce

Click here to learn more about Salesforce permissions.

Deliver a Better Experience with More Efficient Widget Performance

At Drift, we’re always looking for ways to improve the performance and reliability of our solution.

With simplified architecture, fewer API requests, and the elimination of duplicate file fetches, we’ve reduced our widget’s technological footprint. This means that now, you can deliver an even better experience to your customers with faster load times and enhanced efficiency for your website.

Click to learn more about our reduced widget footprint.

Empower Admins with Enhanced Playbook Reporting

In order to make smarter decisions that improve your marketing and sales results, you’re going to need more visibility into your performance. With our improved reporting platform, you can get all that critical information instantly.

With this most recent update, we’ve migrated more playbook data to our new infrastructure to ensure you can make data-informed decisions about your playbooks. Admins can now dive deeper into key playbook metrics, such as by looking at the percentages of conversations had, emails captured, and meetings booked.

Playbook Reporting

Click here to learn more about our new reporting infrastructure.

New in Beta 🚀: Improved Visibility into Adoption

We’ve found that it can be difficult for sales leaders to understand how well their sales reps are adopting Drift. That’s why we’ve created the all-new Setup Report.

With this report, managers can now track the setup progress of their teams and see what percentage of their reps have completed key milestones, such as enabling notifications, connecting their calendar, and adding a profile picture.

By understanding these setup rates, admins and managers can now identify areas where their organization needs improvement and encourage their reps to complete the setup process in order to utilize Drift more effectively.

Setup Report

That’s all for this month! Check back in for more new releases next month.

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