6 Resources to Help You See the Most Value from Drift

By Bart Hammond

It’s our favorite time of the year again. Because May is Customer Appreciation Month!

Hi, there 👋 I’m Bart, Chief Customer Officer at Drift. Being CCO means that day in, day out, I’m thinking about you — our customers — and how my team can help you see the most success with our products.

While the entire Drift team has been showing their appreciation for you in different ways this month, I wanted to demonstrate my appreciation by giving you the gift of higher ROI.

That’s why today, I’m sharing my favorite resources on how to leverage Drift to its full potential. Whether you’re getting started with Drift, expanding your use cases, or just seeking fresh, creative playbook ideas, there’s a little something for everyone — no matter where you’re at on your Drift journey.

Ready to learn? Here we go ⚡️

Build Your Drift Base

A house is only as strong as its foundation, and your Drift instance is only as effective as its initial build. Drift Insider ensures your foundation is solid with step-by-step instructions on how to get set up with Drift quickly and effectively. If you’re just starting out, make sure to check out these classes:

Getting Started with Drift: For Users

This class is designed to help your company’s Drift users understand what exactly Drift is and how it works, as well as learn best practices so you can see the most value from all of Drift’s basic features. You can expect to learn how to create your Drift profile, connect your calendar for meetings, leverage Drift Video, set basic playbook routing rules, enable notifications, and more.

Getting Started with Drift: For Admins

At Drift, we practice extreme ownership — which means we understand the pressure you may feel as the owner of Drift at your company. That’s why we created the Drift for Admins class. This class covers what it means to be a Drift admin, while also providing instructions on how to add your teammates to Drift, set up routing rules accordingly, measure the success of your playbooks, and more.

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Optimize Your Drift Account

Drift is not a set-it-and-forget-it solution. Thanks to all of the website engagement data that Drift gathers from your site visitors’ activity, your teams can continuously optimize their usage of Drift, as well as expand their conversations into new use cases. These books are meant to inspire you to take that next step 👇

Personalization That Actually Feels Personal

By simply having Drift on your site, you’re sure to create more personalized experiences for your buyers. But there’s a way to take that to the next level. This book explores how experts at 6sense, Drift, and Qualtrics create hyper-personalized experiences for their top-priorty accounts through account-based marketing (ABM).

The Ultimate Guide to Customer Expansion and Retention for Revenue Teams

Personalized experiences shouldn’t end once a prospect becomes a customer. In fact, this is when personalization really starts to get fun. This book explores how Drift can help you better understand your customer’s maturity with your product, so you can create more personalized experiences that will make them want to grow with your brand — while reducing churn along the way.

The Drift Conversational AI Starter Guide

Once you have your playbooks set just the way you like them, it’s time to scale those conversations. This book explains all the ways Conversational AI can shine in your Drift instance so that your team can save time, while still delivering the most optimal experience for your site visitors.

Never Stop Learning

At Drift, we believe in the power of being a curious learning machine. It’s one of the reasons why we spent time reimagining the Drift Community this year.

In this customer-only community, you can collaborate with and learn from other Drift users who are at a similar stage in their Drift journey as you. You can share ideas, ask questions, and seek inspiration in order to take your Drift instance to the next level.

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At the end of the day, my number one goal is, and always will be, to help you reach your goals. I hope all these resources will continue to inspire and motivate you on your journey with Drift.

Thank you for being a Drift customer. And if you need anything at all, remember that your AEs and CSMs are on your team, too.

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