The One Step You Need To Take To Make Your Message Pop!

I first heard about “learning styles” way back in 5th grade, when our teacher broke down the basic ways human beings acquire knowledge and noted that most people prefer some types of learning over others. There were visual learners who tend to think in series of images and learn best when presented with the same, auditory learners who take in speech and other sounds more readily, kinesthetic learners who associate information with physical sensations including touch and movement, and so on.

Science has progressed a bit since I sat in Ms. Garcia’s class untold decades ago, but the basic concept of “learning styles” hasn’t changed much, even if the nomenclature has. Different people learn in different ways, and though many communications at home and in the workplace take place via talking or through text media like emails, evidence suggests that there are loads of visual learners around who would catch on quicker with pictures.

Annotate Makes Visual Sharing a Breeze

The main problem confronting visual learners—who make up a sizeable portion of the population and the workforce—is that clear visual communications are difficult for many people to make, even if they are themselves a visual learner. Think back to the last time you played Pictionary (people still play that, right?), where the game’s entertainment value hinges on the players’ inability to quickly and clearly draw representations of common words. There are the rare souls who have a knack for picking up a pencil and delivering a Picasso, but most of us don’t have that talent.

So visual communications like pictures, charts, and diagrams came with a premium, requiring a greater time investment and making them inefficient much of the time. Digital technologies started to change this in a big way, as can be seen in everything from the popularity of memes to the fact that video is highly preferred over other types of content by a growing number of online consumers.

Now, Annotate (formerly Glui) is making it easier than ever to communicate clearly with visual aids that can be created with just a few clicks. If you can pull it up on your computer screen, you can make it into a full-on message: take a screenshot, crop and add text and/or other elements, save, and send. All within a simple and intuitive app interface—no advanced software skills required.

Putting the Visual Front and Center

Make your messages stand out, and make sure they’re understood quickly by all. Just a simple visual association for your message will help visual learners key in to what you’re saying, and if you can demonstrate your desires in a picture or two so much the better. You’ll be capturing everyone’s attention and making sure they understand your intentions, no matter what their preferred learning style is.

The faster and more accurately you can communicate your message in a way that it will be remembered, the more productive your communications will be. Check out Annotate and see how it can help you deliver greater productivity through clearer communication.

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