Elevate Your Website with Unmatched Experiences: Site Concierge & Bionic Chatbots

By Holly Xiao

In today’s customer landscape, the saying, “the customer is king” has never been more pertinent.

According to Salesforce, 80% of customers say the experience a company provides is as important as its products and services. This means that customer experience is the new battleground — and without an experience that wows your customers, you will only get left behind.

But, while it’s clear you can’t afford to neglect your customer experience any longer, the question remains: How do you make your customer experience stand out from the competition? The answer: Make every website visit as unique as your customers themselves.

Last October, we offered a sneak peek into the future of B2B marketing with our first-to-market breakthroughs, Site Concierge and Bionic Chatbots. Fast-forward to today, and we’re excited to announce that both products are now generally available.

This release marks a pivotal moment in marketing and sales. With these two new additions, Drift’s AI-powered buyer engagement platform sets the standard for the future of customer experience — where every interaction is individualized, flexible, and human. Now, with our platform, you can offer up customer experiences that drive genuine connections while also boosting conversions, maximizing pipeline, and amplifying team productivity.

How, you ask? To answer that, let’s dive deeper into our latest innovations 👇

Content Ingestion: Fueling Smarter Interactions

Content ingestion is the backbone of Drift’s AI products, including Site Concierge and Bionic Chatbots. It allows you to seamlessly integrate your existing resources — whether it’s your website content, help center, or PDFs — into the Drift platform, so Drift’s AI can learn, reference, and share accurate and relevant information throughout the customer journey.

There are three key advantages to our content ingestion feature:

  1. It keeps your messaging consistent. While a human would struggle to keep track of all the copy, messaging, and content your brand produces, AI doesn’t have the same problem. By ingesting all your existing content, Drift’s AI can effortlessly avoid inconsistencies in customer communications while also maintaining your brand voice — leading to a better brand experience.
  2. It cuts down your marketing team’s workload. We all know that setting up a new communication channel is no easy feat. But with content ingestion, Drift’s AI will reuse your existing content and automatically adapt it to fit the specific channel and customer. This not only saves your marketing team time and effort but also ensures that your responses and recommendations are always up to date.
  3. It drives individualized experiences. Content ingestion not only gives Drift’s AI the necessary data to power Site Concierge and Bionic Chatbots, but it also elevates the website experience. With all of your existing content at its fingertips, Drift’s AI can filter and select the information that is most relevant to that individual visitor, ensuring every interaction is focused and valuable.

With the content ingestion feature working alongside our AI behind the scenes, you can use Drift to transform a generic website experience into a streamlined and cohesive customer journey — one that is sure to impress your customers.

Site Concierge: Personalized Guidance at Every Step

Imagine you land on a company’s website, and a dedicated guide immediately pops up in the corner. This guide delivers the perfect recommendations, serves up content that interests you, and gives you options that fit your needs. That’s exactly what Site Concierge is all about.

Designed to seamlessly mesh with your website setup, Site Concierge acts as a built-in guide that engages website visitors with a personalized suite of intelligent apps. Using customer and engagement insights from your tech stack, Site Concierge automatically adapts to fit each visitor, what they care about, and where they are in the buying journey. As a visitor moves through the buying process, the apps they see also evolve, which means they always have the tools and information they need for that specific moment.

And Site Concierge offers far more than just a chat. It’s equipped with a variety of apps to meet each visitor’s needs and interaction styles, including:

  • Intelligent Search empowers site visitors to find the exact information they’re looking for with guided search prompts. This app uses GPT to comb your website and content repositories to provide precise answers to any inquiry. Plus, with every response, the app will include a link to the source, which site visitors can click on and investigate further.
  • Recommended Content serves up relevant and trending content to visitors based on who they are and their interactions with you. This app also gives visitors access to a library of all the content they’ve interacted with.
  • Meeting Bookings enables qualified leads and accounts to instantly book a meeting with the right sales rep, no matter the time of day.
  • Chat, as a staple of the online experience, is available whenever customers want it — whether it’s the middle of the night or the peak hours of the day. You get to decide whether the app uses decision-tree playbooks, Bionic Chatbots, or human agents (or even all of the above) to offer real-time conversational support.

The best part is that, because Site Concierge is designed to learn from and react to user interactions across the Drift platform, all of these apps work in tandem to make every website visit meaningful, productive, and unique. Moreover, it continually leverages insights and customer data to enhance its ability to guide, inform, and convert your site visitors.

All of this makes Site Concierge an invaluable partner in your marketing efforts — and the numbers back it up. In our early access program, we found that customers saw a 2x to 7x lift in engagement compared to before they used Site Concierge.

Bionic Chatbots: Flexible and Fluid Conversations

Conversations are, by nature, dynamic. But, while it’s easy for a human to shift gears in the middle of a conversation and then circle back to the original topic, a chatbot can’t do the same.

That is, until now. Say hello to Bionic Chatbots.


Our Bionic Chatbots represent the pinnacle of conversational AI, offering a dynamic conversational experience that breaks free of the rigid, predetermined paths that traditional chatbots follow. Using a custom-trained GPT model that adapts to user queries in real time, Bionic Chatbots allow for a more organic conversation flow — switching flexibly between topics (and contexts) just like a human would.

Similarly, like a human, Bionic Chatbots can discern the intent behind a user’s visit and tailor the conversation to them. Whether the user wants to book a meeting, conduct research, or talk to support, Bionic Chatbots are designed to quickly guide the user to their desired outcome so they don’t have to spend hours wandering your website. Not only does this ensure your customers are engaged, but it also boosts your sales and customer rep productivity. Drift customers that used Bionic Chatbots saw an 83% chat deflection rate, compared to 53% with traditional chatbots.

Moreover, since Bionic Chatbots use a GPT model that is trained on your existing content, your marketing team can save significant time and effort during implementation. In fact, our customers who used Bionic Chatbots cut their chatbot implementation time by more than 75% while saving over 60 hours on playbook design — and that includes all the time it takes to test the bot. With the AI Assisted Bot Testing feature, you can quickly test the quality of your Bionic Chatbot, which allows you to see how the chatbot will respond to site visitors before it goes live. As a result, your marketing team will be able to deploy the chatbot quickly, easily, and with confidence.

Moving past the constraints of conventional chatbot models, Bionic Chatbots introduce a paradigm of flexible, intent-driven dialogues — where the chatbot understands, adapts, and caters to a wide range of customer inquiries in real time so you can scale your GTM efforts. The result? 50% more pipeline with 45% less meetings.

The Future Is Now. Revolutionize Your Website with AI.

In an era where customer expectations are constantly evolving, your website experience can no longer be an afterthought. Instead, delivering a unique digital experience should be a pivotal part of your GTM strategy.

Luckily for you, that is exactly what our Bionic Chatbots and Site Concierge are designed to do. Combining the best of modern AI technology with data-driven insights, these new products allow you to offer a dynamic customer experience that listens to, understands, and adapts to each site visitor. With these updates, no longer will your website just be a digital repository — now, it can be a space to foster meaningful customer connections.

As we continue to harness the power of AI and data-driven insights, Site Concierge and Bionic Chatbots will remain at the forefront of B2B marketing — delivering personalized, impactful conversations that drive engagement and conversion.