How Drift and Lift AI 4x’ed Intelex’s Pipeline to Opportunity Speed

By Emily Singer

Every company that sets out to build a safe workplace environment needs to stay up-to-date on their management policies and procedures — and no one feels this more strongly than the team at Intelex.

As the world’s leading environment, health, safety, and quality management software, Intelex is on a mission to ensure their customers reach zero workplace deaths by 2050.

To achieve this mission, the Intelex team knew they needed to provide a conversational channel where all their qualified buyers could learn how their apps help businesses ensure compliance, reduce risk, and improve performance. Even more importantly, they needed to make sure that their most qualified buyers could have productive conversations with the sales team as soon as they were ready to.

That’s why Intelex adopted Drift and Lift AI, formally known as Drift Engage. With the playbook targeting capabilities of Drift combined with the real-time buyer intent data provided by Lift AI, the Intelex team knew they’d found the winning combination to optimize sales efficiency and increase revenue.

Intelex has seen some impressive results since adopting these technologies nearly four years ago. So now, let’s take a closer look at what that journey has looked like, as told by Jennifer Boudreau, Senior Director of Revenue Operations at Intelex 👇

Jennifer originally shared Intelex’s story with us on a webinar about the power of Drift Engage. If you want to watch the full recording, click here. Otherwise, keep reading for all the insights 💡

The Early Drift Days

In 2018, Intelex came to Drift with three goals:

  1. Give customers the power to connect with them in a new way
  2. Shorten the sales cycle by talking to customers at the right time
  3. Blend their marketing and sales efforts to drive more pipeline

After they “turned on” Drift, however, they sort of forgot about it. For a year, no one maintained the playbooks or monitored their performance. It wasn’t until 2019 that they noticed their business development reps (BDRs) were spending a lot of time talking to people who were never going to buy from them.

“We had a lot of customers coming in for things we did not offer,” Jennifer said. “And so our reps were spending time chatting with them, even though there was no reason for any discussion to happen.”

That’s why Intelex worked with the Drift team to adjust their chat playbooks to fit what their customers were looking for on their website and the solutions that were actually available with Intelex. In doing so, they were able to steer unqualified site visitors away from their BDRs and increase the efficiency of their team.

Lift AI Enters the Chat

Even with the revamp though, Intelex’s BDRs were still struggling to convert the site visitors that they were chatting with. That’s when the team knew they needed something more to help them drive conversions.

The answer: Lift AI.

In March 2020, Intelex integrated Lift AI into their Drift instance. With Lift AI in the mix, the Intelex team was better able to identify the website visitors that were most likely to convert based on their intent — and not just with known site visitors, but unknown visitors as well. This ensured that BDRs prioritized talking to the site visitors that would actually bring in revenue.

[Our anonymous traffic] was all this untapped market that we didn’t realize. … We weren’t sure who they were or what they were there for. So, Lift AI helped us to identify that, and there was a lot of untapped revenue there.

Jennifer Boudreau

Senior Director of Revenue Operations, Intelex

And it worked! Not only did Intelex’s conversion rates on their website improve, but by also creating and triggering specific playbooks based on the site visitor’s level of intent (low, mid, and high), they were able to lower their cost per lead further from the initial decrease they saw with Drift.

Four Years Later…

Since 2020, Intelex has continued to use Drift and Lift AI to uncover all their site visitors’ intent and deliver an experience that matches each individual’s reason for coming to their website.

Now, four years later, let’s take a look at how Intelex has measured up to those three goals they had back in 2018:

Connect with customers: 60% of all pipeline generated from Drift comes from anonymous traffic

Shorten sales cycle: Pipeline to conversion velocity increased by 4x

Drive more pipeline: High-intent playbooks convert to opportunities at a rate of 11%

So, the final result? Three for three. As Intelex continues to leverage the dream team of Drift and Lift AI, we can be sure that there will only be more (and even better) results to come.

Are you looking to discover more untapped revenue for your business? Take a tour of Drift Engage today!