Want to Roll Out the Red Carpet for VIP Buyers? Try Drift + Salesloft.

Working in sales can be like stumbling through a dark room.

Now more than ever, B2B buyers want fast, easy, and personalized buying experiences. But putting that into practice is tough. According to McKinsey, more than 80% of buyer interactions now happen digitally, and sellers often don’t have any insight into them.

So while sellers know what they want the buying experience to look like, getting there is a whole other story.

What can you then do to deliver the VIP experience that your buyers expect?

We partnered with Salesloft to shed some light on your target accounts’ activity — from who they are to what they’re interacting with on your website. With this integration, your sales and marketing teams have the necessary information and resources to roll out the red carpet for your target accounts.

Here’s how you can use Drift + Salesloft to add a personal touch to your prospecting 👇

We recently hosted a workshop to explain what the Drift + Salesloft integration does and how you can make the most of it. To watch the recording, click here. Otherwise, keep reading for all the insights💡

Why Use Drift + Salesloft?

Historically, businesses have split sales development reps (SDRs) into two groups. Inbound reps follow up on raised hands — prospects who’ve expressed interest in your product. Meanwhile, outbound reps are tasked with cold prospecting for businesses that fit your ideal customer profile (ICP).

That’s no longer the case.

Now, the most sophisticated SDR teams adopt a cyclical approach called “allbound.”

In allbound prospecting, SDRs work a list of target accounts and follow up on inbound interest from those accounts. By analyzing the prospect’s behavior, SDRs can figure out which accounts are in the market for their product. They can then focus outbound efforts on those accounts.

But, with this change in prospecting, SDRs are left to decide how they’re going to spend their time. I believe every SDR has three questions they have to answer every day:

  1. Who should I be targeting?
  2. What should I be saying to them?
  3. How should I be reaching out?

With Drift + Salesloft, those questions are much easier to answer.

What Drift + Salesloft Can Do Together

One important thing to note is that this integration isn’t just for sales.

With this integration, we wanted to give both marketing and sales the information they need to generate more qualified leads, faster. We’re giving both teams access to the same data on the same platform. This way, marketing and sales can work together to figure out the who, what, and how in their prospecting — and stay aligned throughout the sales process.

For sales, our integration provides access to buyer-level insights so you can personalize your outbound prospecting. With insights into your target accounts, including when they’re live on your website, you don’t have to worry about missing out on any opportunities.

For marketing, our integration provides account-level insights and multi-visit alerting which allows for personalized engagement, such as sharing content relevant to your target’s interests. And you can better coordinate with sales so you know when hot leads are on your website.

3 Plays to Create the VIP Buying Experience with Drift + Salesloft

All in all, the Drift + Salesloft integration streamlines your marketing and sales efforts.

You’re able to make a huge increase in pipeline when you can immediately route reps into conversations with qualified leads, leverage information about those accounts, and focus your outbound prospecting.

But how does this actually play out? Here are three plays you can use to roll out the red carpet for your buyers 👇

1. Target and Engage Site Visitors

Often, with outbound prospecting, your prospects will hop onto your website before deciding to take your call or respond to your email.

If you’re outbounding on an account through Salesloft, your sales reps will get a notification when the account is live on your website. Your rep can then immediately start a conversation through chat.

What’s more, you can make your conversations more engaging by personalizing your greeting message. Go beyond the generic “Welcome!” and greet your target account by name. You can even call out your target’s interests, such as web pages they’ve visited before.

It’s just been a huge time saver for us, because the most frustrating thing is not knowing what to do or focus on. It’s so nice to know what they’re looking for and accomplish that quickly and efficiently so both our current customers and new ones can get connected as soon as possible.

Whitney Moore, Inbound Sales Development Manager at Salesloft

All of this helps set up the red carpet experience for your buyer, transforming cold outreach from a stranger into a genuine conversation with a familiar face.

And because these are your target accounts, you can skip the qualification process and jump right into the Conversational Framework: engaging the buyer, understanding their pain points, and recommending what to do next.

2. Easily Follow Up on Website Leads

Imagine you had to step away from your computer for a few minutes. Or your wifi connection suddenly dropped.

During that time, you might lose contact with the prospect you’d been talking to through your website’s chatbox.

Our integration keeps that connection alive by allowing sales reps to follow up on abandoned chats straight from Drift’s activity feed or chat inbox.

I think it’s every marketing team’s nightmare when a lead just falls through the crack. And of course, speed to lead is one of those big things. It’s hey, you got to interact with them because their brain is going to go somewhere else…So if we can get the right content and the right conversation at that right time, it’s that much better.

You can also easily enroll new contacts into a Salesloft cadence through Drift’s chat so that all of your target account information is kept up to date.

But what if your target account isn’t interacting with your chatbot at all? And you’re not there to jump into the chat with a personal message?

Of course, we’re well aware that SDRs aren’t available to respond to opportunities 24/7.

With Drift + Salesloft, we make your sales reps’ lives a little easier by creating daily email digests. These digests show which contacts from key accounts are visiting your website but not interacting with your chatbots. This way, your sales reps can keep track of who they should reach out to and what they should say to engage the prospect.

Our abandoned chat follow-ups and email digests will allow you to rest easy knowing that you’re not missing out on any of your high-value leads.

3. Give Your Sales Team a Comprehensive Activity View

Sales teams are dealing with a lot of noise every day. So, we wanted to make the selling process as simple as possible.

With our integration, sales teams don’t have to make any changes to their workflow.

Both Drift and Salesloft surface all the information you need in an at-a-glance activity view. From there, it’s easy to see who is visiting your website or new contacts you need to follow up with.

Having this at-a-glance view is important not just for productivity, but also to close deals more quickly. With six to 10 people involved in the buying committee, you need to have a comprehensive view of your target account in order to sell as quickly as possible.

And the more you personalize your offers and messaging, the more likely someone will listen to what you have to say. That makes all the difference when it comes to turning your leads into customers.

Transform How You Sell with Drift + Salesloft

As a salesperson, our goal is not to sell a product but to help people buy.

With so many competitors out there, the best thing you can do to stand out is to deliver the VIP buying experience that everyone craves.

The Drift + Salesloft integration makes it easy for you to personally connect with your buyers and build an authentic relationship through conversation. With our integration, you can meet your target accounts where they are and remove friction from the sales process — so that, when it comes time to buy, you’ll be at the top of their mind.

Want to streamline your sales process and generate more qualified pipeline? Try out a demo of the Drift + Salesloft integration today. Or for more selling tips, get secrets from our sales team here👇