Ditch Cold Calls and Emails for Something Much Warmer: Introducing the Drift + SalesLoft Integration

Let’s get personal.

About your approach to sales and marketing, that is.

The days of cold calls and cold emails are over.

Yes, phones still work. And email does too.

But *cold* calls and *cold* emails? Your buyers want no part of them, and not to mention, they’re ineffective for sellers and marketers, too. Only about 2% of cold calls convert into sales meetings, and reps waste over 65% of their time on non-revenue generating activities.

Buyers want fast, easy, and personalized buying experiences. They want to easily navigate your website and get the right help at the right moments.

More often than not, sellers can’t see who’s online – or the content buyers are viewing, pages they visit, or videos they watch. So they miss opportunities to engage and are unable to personalize their outbound activities accordingly.

Marketing teams should have this data. Sales teams should too.

But marketing and sales have been using different technologies for decades – aligning on different goals and not sharing data across teams. The result is a target account visiting your website, marketing not recognizing the priority buyer, and your sales rep knowing nothing about any of it.

Introducing the Drift + SalesLoft Integration

The good news is, we have a better way. Drift’s new integration with SalesLoft – a leading sales platform for B2B businesses.

The Drift + SalesLoft integration gives sales and marketing professionals the visibility and real-time communication tools to engage SalesLoft-enrolled target accounts. It’s a hyper-personalized communication that reaches prospects when they’re on the website or as an outbound follow-up, based on a buyer’s interests.

And best of all, it’s super easy to use. Reps can simply enroll a buyer into a SalesLoft cadence directly from their Drift inbox, or activity feed.

Outbound Prospecting That’s Effective and Efficient

Sales reps receive real-time notifications anytime a buyer (enrolled in a SalesLoft cadence) is active on the website. This gives reps more relevant information about their target accounts, like who specifically from the account is visiting your website and what page they are on.

Looking at their activity feed, reps can see which contacts are already in a cadence and identify new contacts for follow-up.

This allows sellers to send personalized outbound prospecting emails and videos – and ultimately results in more quality meetings booked, faster.

Hyper-Personalized ABM

Marketers can skip qualification and greet website visitors enrolled in a SalesLoft sequence in a personalized way.

Based on the buyer’s intent and stage in their journey, marketers can target them with specific playbooks, nurture the buyer with the information they are looking for – or towards a meeting, or a live chat – with their account owner.


Follow-Up That Actually Works

Sellers receive an alert as soon as a prospect hits the website – giving them visibility into their buyer’s real-time activity. Based on the buyer’s intent, reps can start a live conversation, book a meeting, or follow up later with an outbound message that is personalized based on the buyer’s actions. And for buyers who don’t engage on the website, reps receive a daily email (or real-time alert) so they can personalize their follow-up to book the meeting.

Picture this. That prospect you’ve been dying to get a hold of just booked a meeting with you through a Drift conversation. Now, you see all of their info inside of SalesLoft’s activity feed so you can get the context you need before you jump on the call.

Pretty great, right?

If you’re ready to book more quality meetings, get a demo of the Drift + SalesLoft integration today.