80% of a buyer’s journey is a mystery to sales. From the content buyers look at to the pages they visit to the videos they watch.

Yet, demand for personalization has never been higher.

It’s time to remove the blind spots in your marketing and sales strategy.

And that’s where Drift and SalesLoft come in.

Join us for a tactical workshop on September 15th to learn how the Drift and SalesLoft integration can work for you. During this workshop, you’ll learn how to set up the integration and best practices for using it – with tailored content for marketers and sellers.

Join us and see how this integration can help:

Target and engage VIP buyers
Improve inbounding and outbounding strategy
Simplify webinar registration and follow-up


Aurelia Solomon
Director Product Marketing @ Drift
Julianne Thompson
Director of Sales Development @ Drift
Whitney Moore
Manager Inbound Sales Development @ SalesLoft
Griffin Shea
Inbound Sales @ SalesLoft
Daniela Ocampo
Marketing Program Manager @ SalesLoft

Drift + SalesLoft Workshop: A Red Carpet Experience for Your VIP Buyers

Ditch cold calls and emails for what your buyers really want — a personalized buying experience.