4 Sales Plays to Help You Hit Quota

“Cue the confetti, pumpkin is back.”

I opened my inbox to that email at the end of this summer. My eyes widened. I could feel fall and crisp Boston air just around the corner.

But I wasn’t convinced. “Summer is JUST ending,” I thought. Not worth it to break my morning routine to get a seemingly overpriced drink at Starbucks.

Yet there they were again — this time with an incentive. I could earn rewards with my order. Still, I didn’t bite.

Then one Sunday, it started raining. I was feeling lazy. And I was out of K-Cups.

That’s when a cheeky push notification popped up on my phone — from Uber Eats. They mentioned the rain, and I ended up opening the app. Maybe it was just because it was a little chillier, but I did it. I ordered a pumpkin spice latte from Starbucks.

And you know what, I ordered one again two days later in their store. They then followed up with a survey about my experience.

…do I still have you? I promise this connects to B2B sales. The thing is, this whole experience was about meeting my needs. They met me where I was and used my previous interactions to find out what I care about.

In this new digital first world with all of its noise, we could learn something from our B2C friends.

50% of prospecting today is unproductive. Only 60% of sales reps and 48% of sales development reps (SDRs) consistently meet their quota.

Let’s change that by meeting buyers where they are and using more relevant outreach. How do you do that?

Here are four plays from Drift sales experts you can steal today.

Drive a Conversation with a Returning Visitor

Buyers today complete 57% of their purchase decision before talking to a sales rep.

Instead, they’re interacting with your site through blogs, pricing pages, and product feature pages. Don’t sit back and wait for them to come to you. Engage with return visitors first by leveraging insights from previous interactions.

Here’s a breakdown of the play 👇

Play #1: The Frequent Flyer

  • Engage returning visitors by welcoming them back to the site.
  • Understand their current pain.
  • Recommend a demo and follow up with a video.

Here’s a template you can use:

Leverage Content Consumption to Drive a Sales Conversation

As a marketer, I know that content is a surefire conversation starter. Our job is to create engaging content that attracts people to our site and provides them with insightful material that will help them succeed in their jobs.

If you work in sales, you should absolutely take advantage of that. Use our content to engage with your prospects. Our content is persona-specific and aligns with the needs specific to our audience.

Here’s a play outlining how you can create more personalized outreach using this information 👇

Play #2: Content Consumer

  • Engage the site visitor with a content-specific introduction.
  • Understand what the buyer is hoping to learn.
  • Recommend a solution and schedule a demo.

Here’s an example in chat:

Switch Directly to Zoom After Building Rapport in Live Chat

Zoom fatigue is real. I had it by the time I reached my ninth Zoom happy hour.

But if it’s a Zoom call that’s specific to my needs and will help me overcome a challenge I’m facing? Sign me up.

Enter: Chat to Zoom 🎥

Here’s a breakdown of the play 👇

Play #3: Chat to Zoom

  • Engage by introducing yourself.
  • Understand the buyer’s current setup.
  • Recommend insights and book a meeting to continue the conversation.

Be sure to watch this Insider lesson to learn how to use the Chat to Zoom feature.

Turn Outbound Emails into Live Chat Conversations by Driving Prospects to Your Website

You spend a lot of time emailing prospects. But when a buyer lands on your site after reading an email, how are you engaging with them? Real-time notifications and chat gives you a way to engage with your buyers when their intent is at its highest.

Here’s a play that will help 👇

Play #4: Outbound Conversation Starter

  • Engage with a hyper-personalized message.
  • Understand what the buyer thought of the email.
  • Recommend a demo to continue the conversation.

Here’s an example chat:

Not sure how to get started? Make sure your admin has your Salesloft or Outreach integration set up in Drift.

Try out these four sales plays and then sit back, relax, sip on a pumpkin spice latte, and watch the leads roll through.

Want to learn how to use these plays and more Conversational Selling tips in your daily sales routine? Check out this training course in Drift Insider.