Meet Drift’s Top 15 Revenue Accelerators

Drift 2020 Revenue Accelerators

At Drift, we put the customer at the center of everything we do. So it’s humbling when our customers go out of their way to share their own Drift success stories back with us. The stories they shared throughout 2020 were inspiring. From figuring out how to accelerate revenue while working with fewer resources, to delivering engaging online customer experiences in a digital-first world, to building virtual events on the fly, and so much more, our customers inspire us every single day.

While 2020 might be behind us, I want to continue to recognize and celebrate the marketing and sales leaders who went above and beyond with Drift this past year. These fifteen Drift customers show us the power of the Drift Platform to accelerate revenue and I’m thrilled to share their stories here.

So without further ado, meet Drift’s Top 15 Revenue Accelerators of 2020.

Drift’s Top 15 Revenue Accelerators of 2020


New York-based Smartling is a leader in translation management software and translation services. As a marketing leader, simplifying the buyer’s journey is paramount for Adrian. By leveraging Drift’s Revenue Acceleration Platform, Adrian and his team have been able to deliver an engaging brand experience that provides a competitive advantage for Smartling at every touch point throughout the customer lifecycle. Smartling’s modernized website enabled by Drift continues to drive multiple hundreds of conversations every month, which turn into qualified meetings for Smartling’s sales team.

Smartling results with Drift

Read more about what Adrian and his team have accomplished with Drift here.


Lessonly, headquartered in Indianapolis, provides powerfully simple training software that helps teams learn, practice, and do better work.

As Director of Marketing, Ben was a key leader driving a sophisticated growth strategy through the inbound channel. By implementing Drift’s Revenue Acceleration Platform, Lessonly was able to make significant progress on all of Lessoly’s primary marketing and sales objectives.

Although Ben recently left his role for a new opportunity, his impact on accelerating growth and revenue at Lessonly – including doubling chat meetings and 400% higher conversion to demos – has undoubtedly set up the company for long-term success.Lessonly results with DriftRead more about what Ben and his team accomplished here.


A leader in the complex field of workforce and customer identity and authentication, Okta has more than 6,500 integrations and more than 9,000 clients around the globe. As Senior Director of Web Marketing, David understands well the depth of alignment needed between marketing and sales to drive results. With the Drift platform, he and his team have not only been able to empower and enable both marketing and sales teams, but also continuously innovate and scale their approach in a fast-growing and ambitious company environment. Okta results with DriftRead more about what David and his team have accomplished here.



Informatica has helped more than 9,000 customers worldwide (including 85 of the Fortune 100 and every company in the top 10) accelerate their digital transformation around data through next-generation innovation in data management, governance, protection, and utilization. Drift was not Informatica’s first foray into chat, but after their legacy chat service failed, Gary was on the hook to find a better solution. Their results with Drift speak for themselves.

Informatica results with DriftRead more about what Gary and his team have accomplished here.

Palo Alto Networks

Palo Alto Networks is a global leader in cybersecurity headquartered in Santa Clara, California. In their drive toward continued growth, Palo Alto is undergoing a strategic digital transformation and pursuing aggressive revenue goals over the next two years. With these goals in mind, the marketing team is laser-focused on ensuring the company’s digital marketing is scalable, delivers a superior buyer experience, and can drive bottom-line results that really matter. With their expanded use of Automation this year as part Drift’s Revenue Acceleration Platform, the team has both accelerated their lead funnel and increased pipeline.


Based in Columbia, Maryland, more than 30,000 organizations around the world rely on Tenable for managing and reducing cyber risk. Tenable designed their platform specifically for Chief Information Security Officers (CISOs) at Fortune 500 companies and other large organizations. But as you can imagine, getting in touch with those CISOs, who – now, more than ever – have extremely demanding jobs, can be almost impossible. Through their deployment of the Drift Platform including Automation, the marketing team has transformed Tenable’s lead generation and SDR engagement strategy with remarkable results in the past year:Tenable results with Drift

Read more about what the Tenable team has accomplished here.


PTC, a $1.2B global software company headquartered in Boston, has a marketing team that is always thinking ahead of the curve about how to adapt to a changing world. The team knew they needed to create an intelligent, efficient, scalable engine that generates demand while providing exceptional value to customers. So, they developed a Revenue Orchestration and Intelligence Engine (ROI Engine) powered by the integration between Drift, 6sense, and The ROI Engine provides an end-to-end view of the customer journey, allowing PTC to identify buyers that are in market and engage them with targeted messaging through both inbound and outbound sales and marketing efforts. In Phase One, PTC’s ROI Engine was an unquestionable success delivering these results:

PTC results with Drift

Read more about what the PTC team has accomplished here.


Skillsoft, headquartered in Nashua, New Hampshire, provides a comprehensive selection of cloud-based corporate learning content and three award-winning systems to support learning, performance, and success. In these uncertain times Skillsoft’s mission to help every individual reach their full potential has become increasingly crucial to organizations that understand the importance of creating a future-fit, resilient workforce. As part of a broader investment in digital transformation, the marketing team implemented Drift’s Revenue Acceleration Platform in 2020 to improve both the buyer experience and sales productivity. Drift’s real-time, conversational engagement delivers the tailored and responsive experience Skillsoft’s prospects and customers want. It allows Skillsoft to deliver a whole different level of service. Key highlights in just five short months with Drift include:

Skillsoft results with Drift

Read more about what Nicole and her team have accomplished here. 


Zenefits provides an innovative platform for HR, benefits, and payroll that is purpose-built for small and mid-sized businesses. Rob Stevenson, Director of Performance Marketing, joined the company in March 2020 and quickly grasped the massive impact that Drift had on efficiency and revenue (and not just because he’d used Drift at a prior company!). Results since implementing Drift at Zenefits included:

Zenefits results with Drift

Read more about what Rob and his team have accomplished here.


Lacework is a SaaS platform that delivers a security layer around compliance, host, and container security. As VP of Demand Generation, Ryan knows well that his team needs every advantage in their fight for more market share, especially when you’re a high-growth company in a highly competitive market. That’s exactly why Lacework empowers their sales and marketing teams with a platform like Drift that increases productivity and accelerates revenue. Implementing Drift’s Revenue Acceleration Platform has helped Lacework stand out, reach buyers faster, and engage prospects more effectively: 

Lacework results with Drift

Read more about what Ryan and his team have accomplished here.

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