Meet Drift’s Top 50 Conversational Marketers Of 2019

Our final HYPERGROWTH event of 2019 had extra special meaning for me. As someone who is 100% responsible for the success and experience of Drift’s customers, I was thrilled to close out the day celebrating the 6 Drift customers who influenced and inspired us the most in 2019. We also highlighted an additional 44 stand out Drift users who show us the power of conversational marketing every single day.

We often share the success stories of these customers internally on our Slack channel, #drift-love. And scrolling through this channel leaves me humbled on a daily basis. It’s amazing to see all the different ways customers are using conversational marketing to meet and exceed their goals. It’s not uncommon to hear our customer success and product teams talking about how many conversations an SDR team is having via Drift or the unique playbook another customer set up.

But we realized that by only sharing these success stories internally, we were doing a disservice to our community. Why not celebrate and highlight the incredible work of these sales and marketing visionaries while also educating other Drift users?

So today at HYPERGROWTH, we did just that. And we’re doing it again here.

After reviewing the results related to the adoption, usage, and strategy connected to Drift, we’re proud to recognize the customers and Drift Certified Partners who have inspired us the most this year as the Top 50 Conversational Marketers of 2019 (in alphabetical order) with special mention for 6 customers and partners who have gone above and beyond with their use of the Drift platform. (Why 6? The results were so good we couldn’t stop at 5 ?)

So without further ado, we’re thrilled to introduce Drift’s Top 50 Conversational Marketers of 2019, along with highlights of our top 6 winners. Congratulations to all of our amazing customers mentioned, and thank you for inspiring us each day.

Drift’s Top 50 Conversational Marketers of 2019

Meet The Top 6

  1. EVERFI: Conversation Champion of the Year

EVERFI is a pioneer in the ed tech space, providing community engagement software from its headquarters in Washington, DC. David Goodman, EVERFI’s Senior Manager of Digital marketing and his team have helped EVERFI’s K-12 and Financial Education teams start thousands of conversations via a proactive chatbot that engages people the moment they arrive on EVERFI’s site. The bot also understands what page visitors are on, who they are and what they’re looking for, and recommends the best person on the EVERFI team for the site visitor to engage with.

We’re thrilled to highlight EVERFI’s team of incredible Sales Development Reps who are at the frontlines of these routed conversations every day.

  1. ChowNow: Bot Champion of the Year

ChowNow is a commission-free online food ordering system and app helping restaurants feed their hungry customers. Headquartered in Los Angeles, the team at ChowNow pushes for high standards and is always looking for ways to improve the experience for their site visitors.

This year, they’ve implemented several Drift integrations along with calendar seats and new routing workflows, and deployed innovative ways to decrease rep response time. These steps have been taken to help connect visitors with the right teammates faster.

  1. Keap: Adoption Champion of the Year

Based in Chandler, Arizona, Keap offers an email marketing and sales platform for small businesses, including products to manage and optimize the customer lifecycle, customer relationship management, marketing automation, lead capture, and e-commerce.

Where do we even start with Keap’s Product Growth Leader Rob? Take this stat for instance: Keap used Drift’s Qualification Bot to grow it’s pipeline by 50% in 50 Days. Rob is truly a tech innovator. But he’s careful to keep visitors’ experience with the Keap site as human as possible. To do just that, he launched an AI-enabled qualification bot, named Bottie Botterson (yup, you read that correctly).

  1. Palo Alto Networks: Sales Team of the Year

Palo Alto Networks is the world’s cybersecurity leader, based in Santa Clara, CA with offices around the world.

Cathy Chang, along with Head of Marketing Operations Erik Bower and her DOPE team (DOPE stands for Demand Ops and Excellence) have deployed Drift to help their website visitors have a more enjoyable customer experience in real time, regardless of what page they’re on or  what country they’re visiting from. Through thousands of conversations over the last 2 years, Palo Alto’s team of inside sales reps are always at the ready to help their prospects have a more enjoyable buying experience.

  1. ServiceNow: Execution Champion of the Year

ServiceNow makes the world of work, work better for people. Headquartered in Santa Clara, CA with offices around the world, ServiceNow has seen incredible success in the market by delivering digital workflows that create great experiences and unlock productivity.

A secret ingredient to ServiceNow’s success in 2019? Hiring their very first Conversational Development Representative (enter the wonderful Alexis Castro), who focuses on executing Drift through a high touch ABM model that drives digital demand on a global scale.

Through advanced firmographic targeting, ServiceNow’s Driftbot is configured to greet all visitors who match their ideal customer profile at the right point in their customer journey. This drives a killer buying experience, which has contributed to a record-breaking digital pipeline to sales in 2019. We are fired up to highlight the entire marketing ops and account development org at ServiceNow who are working to help their customers each and every day.

  1. Ultra Cool: Most Valuable Partner of the Year

Ultra Cool is a Drift Certified Partner based in Seattle, Washington. They’ve transformed the marketing and digital experience of close to 20 Drift customers, delivering the best customer satisfaction score of any Drift partner and securing the highest amount of monthly recurring revenue and new customers in 2019.

Ultra Cool believes that every conversation can be a conversion. With the use of natural language AI, Ultra Cool builds comprehensive chatbots tailored to a customer’s pain points and needs. Their bots handle 90% of general questions, only routing to a human when the prospect is ready.

Check Out The Full List Of Drift’s Top 50 Conversational Marketers ?


1 EVERFI Alejandro Dueñas, Sales
Andrew Evans, Sales
Claire Smyth, Sales
Edwin Ong, Sales
2 ChowNow Eliza Fisher, Content Marketing Specialist
Hayley Thayer, Growth Marketing Manager
3 Keap Rob Stevenson, Product Growth Leader
4 Palo Alto Networks Cathy Chang, Senior Director, Demand Generation Excellence
5 ServiceNow Alexis Castro, Associate Marketing Representative
Scott Burcar, Senior Manager Global Demand Center Enablement & Operations
6 Ultra Cool Eliav Cohen, co-Founder
Lindsay Angelo, co-Founder
(Drift Certified Partner)
7 Adobe Tim Ozmina, Marketing Specialist, Demand Generation
8 Autodesk Jon Mehlman, ABM Marketing Manager
Robyn Courtney, Marketing Operations Managers
9 Automation Anywhere Camthuy Nguyen, Senior. Manager, Global Digital Demand Generation
Kevin Bennett, Senior Director, Global Online Marketing
10 Beyond Trust Lee Elkins, Marketing Technology Manager
11 BigCommerce Kelly Ferris, Director of Sales
Nikki Chavez, Senior Automation Manager, Revenue Operations
12 BombBomb JK Sparks, Director of Marketing Operations
13 Campaign Stars Henry Bruckstein, Founder (Drift Certified Partner)
14 Cisco Evelyn Lin, Director, Marketing Analytics & Operations
15 Cloudera Sara McNamara, Senior Marketing Operations Manager
16 CloudTask Amir Reiter, CEO (Drift Certified Partner)
17 Common Julie Kim, Marketing Manager
Noel Montelongo, Inside Sales Manager
18 Connection Model David Carpenter, President & Digital Strategist (Drift Certified Partner)
19 CIAL Dun & Bradstreet Ari Cohen, Chief Innovation Officer
Aricela Rex, Project Manager
Joni Bondorevsky, Business Intelligence & Marketing Automation Leader
20 eCornell Megan Burke, CMO
Lisa Hatfield, Vice President Student Enrollment
21 EF Education Christy Hart Waller, Directory of Online Marketing
Richard Sweet, Director of Digital Marketing & Strategic Partnerships
22 FrontStream Allyson White, Director of Online Marketing
23 G2 Jorge Selva, Senior Growth Marketing Manager
24 Glassdoor Rachel Rosin, Senior Manager, Digital Marketing
25 Hoosh Fab Capodicasa, CEO (Drift Certified Partner)
26 Infor Shelby Hougen, Marketing Specialist, Demand Generation Operations
27 Informatica Bill Campbell, Senior Manager
Gary Gamitian, Director of Web Development
28 InsideOut Ariana Henck, Senior Customer Success Manager  (Drift Certified Partner)
29 Lead Fabric Koen De Witte, Managing Director (Drift Certified Partner)
30 LeadMD Justin Gray, CEO (Drift Certified Partner)
31 Lionbridge Cynthia Stephens, VP of Demand Generation
32 Malwarebytes Franco Anzini, VP of Revenue Operations
Matthew Petrosian, Senior Manager of Sales Operations
33 MarketScale Sergio Reyes, VP, Operations (Drift Certified Partner)
34 Markforged Suzy Leamon, Growth Email Marketing
35 Mindbody Leah Laurie, Director of Digital Marketing
36 Molly Duggan Erik Cochran, Director of Technology, Conversation Orchestrator (Drift Certified Partner)
37 neat Jeff Gove, Vice President, IT/MIS & Customer Operations
38 New Breed Marketing Guido Bartolacci, Manager of Acquisition and Strategy (Drift Certified Partner)
39 NGINX Carmella Dunn-Hartman, Senior Manager of Marketing Operations
40 Okta Rodolfo Yiu, Manager, Digital Marketing
41 PandaDoc Denis Malkov, Director of Revenue Operations
42 PartsSource Amanda Stefanik, Marketing Manager
43 Pluralsight Michael Taylor, Demand Generation Manager
44 Procore Technologies David Samaniego, Marketing Operations & Systems Manager
Nait Gallego, Senior Manager, Web Development
45 Shopify Chantelle Marchionda, Marketing Operations Manager
46 Smart Recruiters Evan Fehler, Director of Digital Marketing
47 TINYPulse Andrew Sumitani, Senior Director of Marketing
48 Ultimate Software Taigh White, Senior Director, Digital Marketing
Celeste Gutierrez, Digital Marketing Specialist
49 Vidyard Kim Koserski, Demand Generation Programs Manager
50 Workday Gokul Nagarajan, Marketing Technology Business Lead

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