Become a Drift Accelerator. Share your story, grow your network, deepen your partnership with Drift, and learn from peers in B2B — all while earning perks and building your personal brand.


The Drift Accelerators Program is here to highlight you, our customer. It gives you a platform to put your stories, passions, and successes on center stage.

We’ll help you develop your story, connect you with our growing network, and give you opportunities to learn from a community of innovators.



Opportunities to earn rewards, swag, and gift cards for your advocacy


VIP access to quarterly roadmap review sessions


First dibs and discounts on Drift events


A forum for sharing product feedback and impact product innovation


An exclusive community of your peers and insights into their strategies


How will Accelerators be asked to get involved? Since you’re an expert in your field, we want you to share your knowledge through any of the following activities. It’ll help others unlock the confidence to increase revenue in their organizations, and you’ll be rewarded for your advocacy.

1:1 Reference Calls

Participate in brief but impactful conversations with other sales, marketing, or service leaders considering the adoption of a digital experience platform.

Quotes & Testimonials

Provide a short quote that can reach the right person at the right time and help demonstrate the knowledge you’ve gained.

Customer Story

Partner with Drift to create a written or video account of your success as a customer that highlights your story and business accomplishments.

Logo Placement

Amplify your brand recognition with logo promotion alongside hundreds of others that have adopted Conversational Marketing, Conversational Sales, and Conversational Service.

Speaking Engagements

Share your unique insights and industry best practices at conferences, webinars, or internal sales trainings.

Exemplary Chatbot

Show off your impressive builds and help other Drift customers find inspiration for their next bot.

Press & Analyst Opportunities

Enhance your personal brand and visibility through analyst briefings, media interviews, or press opportunities.

Online Reviews & Social Posts

Share your insights and advice with your networks and industry peers considering the adoption of a Revenue Acceleration Platform.

Product Feedback

Help inform our product roadmap, names and messaging, design work, and more through 1:1 interviews with the Drift team.

Frequently asked questions

What is the Drift Accelerators Program?

The Drift Accelerators Program welcomes customer advocates who are willing to speak about their experience and success with Drift to other customers, prospects, analysts, and peers. It’s a way to communicate your success in overcoming business challenges, leverage industry thought leadership, and expand your professional network.

What are the expectations around participation?

We recognize your time is valuable and have designed our program with complete flexibility in mind. Upon joining the program, you will have the ability to specify how you would like to participate. If corporate policies or personal preferences restrict you from participating in certain activities, we are glad to honor any specific requests.

Is there a Drift Accelerators Community where I can connect with others?

Yes. Once you’ve joined the program, you will be added to the private Drift Accelerators group within the Drift Community where you can communicate with fellow Accelerators and participate in the forum.

If I participate in a customer story, where is the content published?

We create reference content in complete collaboration with you, which means you will have the ability to review, edit, and provide final approvals before any piece of content is published. Once approved, your story will be published to the Drift website (www.drift.com), social channels, and in related campaigns. Your quotes may be used in marketing materials, but they’ll never be taken out of context or not attributed to you.

What information should I be prepared to provide in a sales customer reference discussion?

You may be asked about the key challenges and drivers that led your organization to choose Drift, your experiences working with your account team, and the value your business has gained by working alongside Drift. You only have to share what you feel comfortable sharing — if corporate policies or personal preferences prohibit you from revealing certain sensitive information, there is no obligation to share it.

What is an example of a reward I might get for participating in an Accelerator opportunity?

Rewards vary from activity to activity, but you can expect to earn rewards like your choice of $100 gift card for something like participating in a case study. Your time is valuable, and we want to ensure you’re compensated for the time you spend with us.