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Drift Daily Lead Intelligence

If you’re at a startup, new leads and signups are your gold coins.

They’re the currency for your growing business.

Sure a new signup could be nothing…

Or a new signup could be your next big customer, key partner or future investor.

But how do you know?

Traditionally, you wouldn’t — unless you hired a BDR (business development/sales development rep) or took the time to dig through your CRM or email provider and researched every new lead.

But your time is expensive, and so are BDRs.

And yet you can’t afford to skip over it completely. Without knowing exactly who your new leads are, you could miss reaching out to a crucial opportunity at exactly the right time.

That’s why we built Drift Daily, a free tool that gives you alerts about new leads in real-time, right inside of the apps that you use the most: email and Slack.

Thanks to some examples from a few of the startups that are using it today, here are three ways you can use Drift Daily to research and connect with new leads.

3 Simple Ways To Understand New Leads With Drift Daily

1. Set up a Slack channel to see new leads in real-time. If you’re like most startups, there’s a good chance that your business runs on Slack. It’s the app that is always open on your desktop or mobile device. With Drift Daily, you can set up a dedicated channel to get alerts when new users signup for your service.


“I use Drift to see new leads from Intercom to a channel in Slack. Why is this awesome? I’m on the sales team and unlike our support team, I do not frequently check Intercom during the day. I primarily live in Slack and Salesforce for communication and workflow activities. (Drift’s) simple integration gives me the ability to see this lead activity in real-time without leaving the apps that I use most often.”

– Jared McGriff, Head of Sales,

“We pump the notifications into Slack to keep a pulse on what cool companies are signing up.”

Nelson Joyce, Co-Founder, Tettra

2. Instantly reach out to new leads and start a conversation. Most companies take 46 hours and 53 minutes to respond to a new lead. Yikes. If you’re a startup, you can’t afford to wait two days to respond to a new lead — especially when responding to new leads within an hour generates 7x the conversations. Whether it’s a key influencer or not, the best time to reach out to new a lead is right now.

“We use Drift to understand who is signing up on our emailing list immediately through a customer Slack channel. Drift is awesome because they enhance the email address with all this additional data that I previously had to manually look for with tools like Rapportive automatically. This saves our team a ton of time and helps me reach out to relevant people in close proximity to when they sign up. Just the other day a VC from a Series A firm signed up for our list who we’ve been wanting to talk to. Drift helped me reach out five minutes later and set up a meeting.”

– Scott Britton, Co-Founder, Troops

“We’re a consumer webapp with broad appeal, so PR and other free marketing techniques are important for us. We’re using Drift Daily to reach out to influencers who have signed up. This includes people with a lot of followers, people who blog, people who work at news agencies, blogs, tech sites, etc. Of course, every once in a while we find someone interesting in there who we should reach out to for other reasons. This can include: hiring (oh, a cool dev signed up!), potential investors, potential partners, etc.”

– Idris Mokhtarzada, Founder & CTO, Truebill

3. See social profiles for each new signup and connect instantly. Seeing a new email address is great, but an email address doesn’t usually give you a good sense of who they actually are. Social profiles help turn “leads” into people, and with Drift Daily, you can connect with your new leads with one click right from email or Slack.

In addition to seeing social profiles, Drift Daily will also show you who else you already know at a company:

Drift Daily Related Companies

“I signed up for Drift Daily alerts to get more information on all of the users that signup. We get their LinkedIn, Twitter (and) business information like company size, domain etc. It is pretty amazing as you can get it in a daily email or live right into Slack. I have them in both, but the nice thing about Slack is I can easily click through to their LinkedIn profile and add them as a connection.”

Justin McGill, Founder, LeadFuze

“I’ve been checking out Twitter profiles to get a better sense of my persona (who the heck is subscribing to our emails?!), and also to get a daily benchmark of new subscribers. It’s fun to see the numbers go up when we do a marketing push like a webinar or a paid Facebook ad. I can get a quick gut check of whether or not we’re getting more email subscribers/leads every day.” 

Alan Perlman, Founder, UAV Coach

“I’ve been using Drift Daily to connect with top prospects on Twitter and LinkedIn which has helped me know them and understand them better.”

– Rami El Chamaa, Co-Founder, Appointlet

“Gone are the days of Googling for signup’s LinkedIn profiles to see where they work.”

– Andy Cook, Co-Founder, Tettra

Stop Wasting Your Time Researching New Leads

It’s time to let Drift Daily do the heavy lifting for you.

Get a daily email and Slack alerts with names, faces and context of your site’s new signups. Get started for free.

Drift Daily currently works with MailChimp, HubSpot, Intercom and Segment.

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