AI Topic Grouping and More Data-Driven Insights: What’s New from Drift This September

By Noah Kortkamp

The first day of fall is right around the corner. But, even as the days get cooler, you want your team to keep bringing the heat.

That’s why, today, we’re excited to announce six new Drift features that will make your sales and marketing teams even more efficient — whether that’s with prospecting, reporting, or getting set up with AI playbooks.

Read on to learn what’s new 👇

Empower Sales Reps with Salesforce Activities in Prospector

With all the valuable insights that your tech stack has to offer, we know how crucial it is that your sales reps have easy access to the data you have. So, with this update, sales reps can now see Salesforce activities (such as clicks, webinar sign-ups, and form fills) on Drift’s account and contact pages.

This helps give reps a comprehensive view of the buyer’s journey while eliminating the need to switch between platforms. Not to mention that this enhanced data also improves our engagement scoring, so your reps can surface high-intent prospects more accurately.

Drift x Salesforce Integration

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Never Miss a Conversation with ABM Notifications in Microsoft Teams

In our current economic climate, it’s more important than ever for your sales team to be able to engage with every qualified account that hits your website.

That’s why we’ve enhanced our Microsoft Teams integration with ABM notifications. Sales reps can now receive visitor activity notifications natively in MS Teams, or via email or desktop. They can also set custom preferences for what type of conversations they want to be alerted about. This way, you can always meet customers where they are and engage with them in real time.

MS Teams Notifications

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Build More Playbooks, Faster, with AI Topic Grouping

If you want to get your AI playbooks running quickly and easily, we’ve got you covered.

Now, with AI topic grouping, you can categorize your topics as you build out your AI topic library, and then add topics in bulk when you build playbooks that use Conversational AI. Together, this will help you see a quicker time to value with AI playbooks.

AI Topic Grouping

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Match Users and Teams More Easily Through Our API

We know Drift’s API plays a key role for customers who want to build custom reports. That’s why we’ve made an update that enables Drift admins to match any user to a specific team when pulling data from our API. Now, you can easily access team data without needing to build a custom database to track the association between Drift users and their teams.

Drift Team API

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NEW IN BETA 🚀: New Chat Drill-Downs and Conversation Details Report

When it comes to improving your chat performance, we all know that data is key. So, with that in mind, we’re continuing to make improvements to our reporting, so you can dive deeper into the numbers.

Firstly, we’ve added a new set of drill-downs as part of our chat reporting. By clicking “view data,” you now get a pre-filtered view where you can see and tweak the filtering criteria. This allows admins to see all the data they need in one place, apply the full set of filters available, and export it to help make data-driven decisions.

In addition to these enhancements, we’re making the Conversation Details Report far more useful for our customers by rebuilding it on our new reporting platform. With this change, you can expect to gain more accurate data, as well as more drill-downs and exports to help you make even more informed decisions. This comprehensive update to our reporting capabilities will empower you to gain deeper insights and streamline your decision-making processes.

That’s all for this month. But be sure to stay tuned this fall, as you won’t want to miss what’s coming next!

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