Product Managers: Want To Work Better With Engineers? Here’s The Secret.

how product managers should talk to engineers

 It’s a special episode of #Build. Host Maggie Crowley is joined by members of Drift’s Product and Engineering teams. Meet Alexa Nguyen, Senior Product Manager, Trevor Rundell, Director of Engineering, and Peter Karl II, Lead, Product Efficiency. The group chats through how product and engineering can work together most efficiently. That means breaking through […]
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We analyzed the sales and marketing practices of the top 100 SaaS companies. Here’s what we found.

Forbes Cloud 100 Sales & Marketing

For the second year in a row Forbes, in partnership with Bessemer Venture Partners and Salesforce Ventures, released its Cloud 100 list of the top private SaaS companies in world. We analyzed the marketing and sales practices of this year’s top companies and found that more businesses than ever are implementing conversational marketing to engage […]
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This Hiring Secret Can Help You Find Your Next VP

 On today’s episode of Seeking Wisdom, DC and DG are joined by special guest and Drift co-founder and CTO, Elias Torres. Together, they talk through how to hire people who can go from individual contributor to VP. It comes down to 4 things. Come from humble beginnings. You need to be hungry. Ability to […]
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The Career Management Secret I Wish I Had Known in My Twenties

Career management secret

Companies experiencing hypergrowth often find that their own growth exceeds that of their employees. While not the fault of anyone, in these cases, companies must bring in more experienced leaders or individuals with different experience to fill the gap. At slower growing companies, the case above is reversed, with individual growth exceeding that of the […]
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Looking To Hire Your First Conversational Marketer? Read This First (Then Swipe The Job Description)

Conversational Marketing Manager

Conversational Marketing has exploded over the last few years. So it’s only natural companies are looking to hire for this role. Take for instance Palo Alto Networks®, the fastest-growing security company in history. They posted this job description last week: But it’s not just large Fortune 100 companies like Palo Alto Networks looking to expand […]
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Serious about growing your business in 2019? Building a brand is the single best investment you can make. Here’s why. (And how to get it done).

Why you should build a brand

Every company has a blog and a podcast. Every company is making videos. Every company is spending money on AdWords, Facebook ads, and retargeting. And on top of that, there are hundreds (if not thousands) of competitors in every industry leaving more options for your potential customers than ever before. We live in a world […]
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