November Release Recap: 10 Things We Shipped This Month To Help You Book More Meetings

Drift product updates November 18

Over the past month, our product team has been hard at work building 10 major product updates that’ll help you book more meetings.

A few highlights from November’s releases include Driftbot for Help, pre-built bot playbooks, optimized keyword suggestions powered by natural language processing, and a new integration with

Here’s a deeper dive on what changed in the product this month:

1) Driftbot for Help: Get Your Customers The Help They Need Now, Without Slowing Down Your Sales Team

When customers come to your website and use live chat to ask support questions, all too often sales gets stuck as the go-between. And that creates a frustrating experience for everyone. With Driftbot for Help, you can finally cut out the middleman and create a direct line from live chat to any of the tools your support team is already using.

Driftbot for Help allows you to:

  • Deliver Instant Answers Right When Your Customers Need Them
  • Automatically Create Support Tickets Inside Any Conversation
  • Answer 100% of Support Questions Without Changing Anyone’s Workflow

2) Create New Bots Instantly With Pre-Built Playbooks

Building a new bot from scratch can be a daunting task for marketers. Sometimes you just don’t know where to start or want to leverage best practices – and that’s okay! With six new bot playbooks, you now have access to a set of pre-built bots designed specifically for your pricing page, homepage, conversational landing page, and more to help you decrease time to first conversation.

My Playooks Drift

3) Book A Meeting Anytime, Anywhere (Within Your Bot Flow)

You put a ton of effort into building your bots to help you have more conversations and ultimately book more meetings. But you should be able to design your conversations however you’d like.

So rather than requiring a site visitor to reach a goal before allowing them to schedule a meeting, we’ve made the bot builder more flexible so you can offer your buyers a meeting at any point in the conversation. This will help reduce friction for your site visitors and allows you to book more meetings for your sales team.

New bot playbook

4) Make Your Bots Even More Intelligent With Suggested Keywords Powered By Natural Language Processing

Sometimes when your site visitors chat in, they use specific words that your bot just doesn’t know what to do with. This creates unnecessary friction by not allowing them to continue down the path of having a natural conversation and puts them in an endless loop which will eventually lead to the site visitor disengaging.

By leveraging machine learning, you can now add actionable, suggested keywords such as “hello” or “hey there” to your bot’s vocabulary. So when your site visitors use those keywords when they chat in, they can continue their journey through the bot flow and have the most seamless conversation possible. 

Keyword Suggestions Drift

5) Increase Lead Quality By Only Capturing Business Emails In Your Bot Flows

Building an amazing bot just to have it capture personal emails is frustrating. You’re a business that needs accurate, relevant information about the leads you’re generating.

Now you can configure your bot to ensure that if a person enters their personal email, they will be prompted to re-enter their business email instead so you can always have the most relevant information about your leads.

Business email request

6) Create Amazing, Personalized Experiences For Your Buyers With AND/OR Logic

In today’s world, the customer has all the power. Personalizing the experience for your potential customers can mean the difference between winning and losing a deal. Being able to segment your customers based on their demographics or firmographics is crucial for differentiating yourself from the competition.

Now you can use and/or logic to make more intuitive segments for your contacts in Drift so you can customize their experience with personalized chat messages or perfectly timed emails.

Drift and or logic

7) Decrease The Number Of Meetings That Your Prospects Cancel

Sometimes your prospects and customers want to cancel a meeting they’ve scheduled with you. It happens. But what if you were able to give your reps more opportunities to make sure the meeting they worked so hard to get still actually happens.

Now you can prompt your prospects and customers to reschedule when they cancel a meeting by providing them that option when they visit your Drift Profile.

Reschedule meeting prompt Drift

8) Get More Out Of Your ABM Notifications

You spend a lot of time and money getting your target accounts to your website. And once they get there, you want to capitalize on having their attention when their intent is at its highest.

Now, when one of your target accounts goes to your site, you will get ABM notifications that:

  • Allow you to start conversations faster so you can capitalize on every opportunity
  • Stay on the screen until you interact with them so nothing ever slips through the cracks
  • Appear without having Drift open so you never miss a conversation

ABM notifications Drift

9) Instantly Connect Face-To-Face With Any Site Visitor Directly From A Conversation With Our New Integration

Have you ever been messaging with a prospect, customer, or a co-worker and realized that what you were trying to accomplish would be much easier over the phone or video call? Direct communication can go a long way to moving conversations forward.

By simply typing a “/phone” command into the conversation, you can quickly jump right into a video or voice call with your prospects and customers thanks to Drift’s integration with

Blabb Integration with Drift

10) Optimize Your Playbooks With Better Performance Reporting

Looking at the performance of your playbooks in a vacuum doesn’t help you make the best decisions for how to optimize them to book more meetings for your sales team.

Now you can export metrics from multiple playbooks into a CSV. Once you click export, you’ll get an email that includes metrics for the set of playbooks sent straight to your inbox.

Playbooks Drift

Ready to put these new product updates to work? Click here to download the Demand Gen Marketer’s Guide and learn how to get the most out of Drift.

demand gen guide to Drift

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