Drift Product Update: Here’s What’s New From May

It’s time for our monthly Product Update where we fill you in on everything that’s new inside of Drift from the past month.

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Trigger LeadBot via Drift Links

LeadBot has become an absolute game-changer for the marketing teams that have been using it over the last two months. Why? Because they’ve been able to qualify leads in real-time without having to rely on annoying lead capture forms.

Now, we’ve made it easier than ever for you to replace your forms. Using Drift Links, anyone can trigger a LeadBot conversation with the click of a button or link — even if you don’t have a lick of technical skills.

Instead of showing you a screenshot, I figured I’d let you see it in action.

Click this link to experience it for yourself.

LeadBot Buttons

Sometimes you want somebody to give you a specific answer. Maybe you want to know how many employees a company has, or if they’re interested in one product or another.

Now, we have one-click answers. Get more responses by making it easier for people to respond to LeadBot questions via button responses.

LeadBot Goals

Depending on what somebody says when you’re qualifying them, they might fall into a few different buckets.
For example, these different buckets might be “Enterprise Lead,” or “Small Business,” or something else.
By creating goals, LeadBot will be able to sort and label your visitors based on the responses they give. When a visitor reaches a goal, a tag is automatically applied so your team knows exactly who the best leads are and who they should be following up with.

Multi-Face Widget

When somebody comes to your site, you want them to know who they’re most likely to talk to, and sometimes you want to greet them with a few smiling faces instead of just one.

Now, based on who the visitor is most likely to talk to, we’ll show a few different faces so they know a team is there on your end to jump in and help them out with their questions.

You can learn more about how it works here.

Send Chat Transcripts

When a lead is done talking to you, they might want a copy of that conversation so they can send it around their office and help make a case for why they should go with your product or service.

Now, with just a couple clicks, you can send somebody an email with the entire transcript of the conversation you’ve had with them.

A Few Other Quick Updates From May

  • There are now a ton of events you can track that happen in Drift to send to your favorite reporting tools, such as Google Analytics. Here’s a link to our help doc that outlines how you can track widget clicks, dismissals, demos booked, campaign events, and more.
  • When you send a message to somebody in Live View, we now show you who you’ve already messaged. We made it so that, in the conversation view, you can filter your conversations by only Live View conversations.
  • The reply box where you message your leads and customers got an upgrade this month. Within that update, we made it so that you can click “enter” and have your message send automatically.
  • We made it so that all of our Enterprise customers can target campaigns and LeadBot to anonymous visitors based on their company’s Alexa Rank.
  • In your Drift settings, you’ll notice that there are now a few different new message sounds you can choose from! 🔊
  • Meetings that are booked on your calendar via Drift now have more context about the meeting itself and who it’s with so you can know that at a glance.
  • All of the settings pages are fresh and clean, sporting a new look

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