How LaunchSource Used Drift to Land Their Biggest Deal


Chris Algiere is a marketing jack-of-all-trades.

At LaunchSource, Chris handles everything from blogging, to SEO, to automation, to maintaining the website.

Oh, right, and he helps create sales and pitch decks, he helps with the branding of LaunchSource’s new products, and — most recently — he’s started coaching sales reps on how to use 1:1 messaging.

We caught up with Chris recently when he had a few minutes to spare (which doesn’t happen very often) to see how things were going on the messaging front. But first we had him explain a bit more about what LaunchSource does and what they’re trying to accomplish.

LaunchSource helps startups build and scale their inside sales teams. We do this by providing a weekly scouting report to our clients with video profiles of awesome entry-level sales talent. We also reduce sales ramp up time by about 50% with our Sales 2.0 training software.

According to Chris, one of the most important lessons that LaunchSource has been working to instill in the next generation of sales professionals is that the way people buy things has changed.

Today, the buyer has all the power. There’s so much information out there now that the hard-sell just doesn’t work anymore. So modern salespeople need to be consultative instead.

As Chris explained it:

Instead of showing someone around the car lot, you should focus on showing them some key features of the car they’re interested in. Especially the features that are important to their specific situation.

Of course, it’s hard to provide that type of catered sales experience if you can’t hold the attention of your target customers. And that’s exactly the problem Chris encountered in his first year running marketing at LaunchSource.

The Problem: Keeping Prospects Engaged

LaunchSource markets to sales leaders and talent acquisition professionals. Unfortunately for Chris, this isn’t the easiest bunch of folks to market to, primarily because of how cramped for time they are.

The people we sell to are busy and are inundated with sales technology emails and calls everyday. They need answers fast, and we risk losing their attention if we can’t respond quickly enough.

Clearly, LaunchSource’s sales and marketing operation had a serious need.

A need for speed.

The old way of doing things — making someone who’s interested in your product fill out a form and wait for a response — just wasn’t working.

It was too slow.

LaunchSource’s prospective customers didn’t want to wait for follow-up emails, they wanted answers to their questions immediately, while they were on the website and the product was top of mind for them.

That’s when Chris discovered Drift …

Drift Live Chat: The Fastest Way to Build Customer Relationships

Drift is the perfect solution because you can establish a relationship with a potential customer quickly.

Chris realized he needed a way to connect with prospective customers at the times when they wanted to talk. So he installed Drift on the LaunchSource website, and set the live chat widget to appear on every page. (Note: You can see the widget in the bottom right corner of the screenshot below.)


So, how did things go?

Back to Chris:

Within the first week of using Drift we scored one of our biggest clients to date. It’s likely going to be about 6-7 times bigger than our average deal.

For Chris, being able to interact with those clients directly and instantly via live chat made all the difference.

Everyone who’s ever been pitched software knows how annoying and long a buying cycle can be. Most people want to get it over with faster and Drift certainly speeds that up. In this case, we were on the phone with this client that same day and I believe we were up and running together the next week.

Looking for some tactical advice on how you can use live chat to speed up your company’s sales cycle?

Here’s something we can steal from Chris’s playbook: Identify the most common questions your prospective customers are asking and turn your responses into opportunities to engage further.

For example, once he started using Drift, Chris discovered that lots of people were mistaking LaunchSource for a recruiter. (While somewhat in that space, LaunchSource is more like a marketplace for sales candidates than a recruiter, and they focus specifically on entry-level candidates).

With Drift, Chris is able to quickly clear up any confusion prospective customers might have. And he’s also able to use his response as a means for engaging further.

One of the questions we get a lot through Drift is ‘are you guys a recruiter?’, which is a space we’ve tried to avoid being placed in. Being able to say ‘no’ directly to a potential customer is a great conversation starter for us.

Ready to start having great conversations with your potential customers?

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