Keep Your Outsourced Design Conversations Productive

Some people are highly visual, and can form quick mental pictures of design projects, communicate them to others with ease, and simply soar when working with visual media.

Others of us are…less visually inclined.

In the age of memes, flowcharts, and infographics, visual design is becoming more and more important to a growing number of tasks and large-scale endeavors. That means a growing number of interactions between the designers themselves—those visual mavens with an inborn sense of aesthetics and knack for eye-catching detail—and their managers, project leaders, clients, and other powers that be who might not have the same skills…

…or the same visual vocabulary.

A tool that allows designers and those they’re designing for to communicate visually, even if the latter isn’t really a visual person, could benefit pretty much anyone. And fortunately, we just happen to have one.

Annotate Your Way to Better Designer Relations

Annotate is a simple, intuitive, and all but invisible app that you can leave running in the background on your Mac or iOS device. When the need for a bit of visual commentary arises, Annotate lets you take a screenshot with just a few clicks and then add shapes, colors, highlights, text, and more so you can communicate clearly about visual projects.

From stand-alone graphics and logos to full-blown web pages, you can quickly select the areas you want to focus on and block out everything else, letting your designers know exactly what details you’re looking at. Add text directly to the screenshot you’ve captured to label and briefly describe the change you want made, then refer to it at length in an email or phone conversation without any confusion or miscommunication.

Annotate also makes it easy to color-code details to reference specific points. Yellow squares, circles, and/or text to mark one set of related issues, pink for the next, green, and so on. Again, this means you’ll be able to leave easily-understood notes directly on screenshots of the design project you’re working on, and you’ll be able to coordinate those notes with more descriptive comments you make via email or in verbal communications.

Instead of going around in circles trying to make sure you’re on the same page with your designers, only to discover upon redelivery that you’ve been largely misunderstood, make things crystal clear in the first go-around. Give your designers the precise notes you want them to have, give them an easy way to ask questions with direct visual references, and save everyone’s time with more productive design conversations.

Take a Tour and Let Us Know What You Think

Here at Driftt our goal is to make everyone as productive as possible in every area of their life through simple yet powerful apps. We make technology that taps into human capabilities and makes them even better, with integration and increased efficiency that doesn’t require a huge learning curve.

No matter how un-visual you think you are, we’re certain Annotate will work for you—and whatever you experience, we’d love to hear some feedback! Head on over and try it now.

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