Introducing HYPERGROWTH: A New Book From Drift CEO David Cancel


We’re excited to launch our first book here at Drift — it’s called HYPERGROWTH, and it’s written by Drift CEO David Cancel.

The book is all about how the customer-driven model is revolutionizing the way businesses build products, teams, and brands, and like all of our content at Drift, it will be 100% free. No forms to fill out. Nothing but a direct link to get the book on your favorite ereader.

Here’s a sneak peek and aexcerpt from David.

The Introduction To HYPERGROWTH

As a college student I was bored.

Extremely bored.

So I tended to skip all my classes and hang out in the library, where the computers had early versions of the Mosaic browser, and later, the Netscape browser.

Up until this point I had been coding software. Desktop software. Boring software.

I wasn’t really feeling it. I didn’t love it.

So when I discovered this way to have access to all of this information around the world, and to make connections with people all around the world, I became obsessed. And I started building my first website.

Back in the day, you would put your email address at the bottom of your site. So that’s what I did. And eventually, someone sent me a message.

I still remember it to this day:

“Hey man, I really like your website. It’s really cool.”

Then I checked the IP address: the person who had emailed me was in Russia.

While this interaction might not seem like a big deal, it was actually a breakthrough moment for me. Because it was the first time I had ever experienced a customer feedback loop.

And I realized that is what I’ve been chasing ever since: that customer feedback loop, and those 1:1 interactions with people.

While the companies I’ve founded over the years — including Compete (acquired by WPP), Ghostery (acquired by Evidon), and Performable (acquired by HubSpot) — have all been different, they’ve all had the same underlying focus:

The connection between businesses and their customers.

I didn’t realize it at the time, but I’ve been chasing that same pattern for nearly 20 years.

Up until my fourth company (Performable), however, I had been following the same playbook as everybody else. And it’s a playbook that’s largely driven by the ideas and motivations of internal stakeholders. Whether the underlying methodology is Waterfall, or Agile, the customer is noticeably missing.

At Performable, I shifted the model to make communication with customers a priority.

Under this new model, everything revolves around the customer: from what features get shipped, to how teams are structured, to what words get used on the website.

When Performable was acquired by HubSpot in 2011 and I came in as Chief Product Officer, I had the opportunity to see if my customer-driven approach could work at scale.

(Spoiler alert: It did.)

Now, at my new company Drift, our mission is to help all companies become more customer-driven.

I believe that in today’s world, helping is the new selling and customer experience is the new marketing. Companies that fail to adapt, and that fail to listen to and communicate with their customers, will inevitably lose out.

Centralized planning, Agile, ignoring customers … sure, those things work for slow-growth companies.

But if you’re anything like me, you’re not interested in slow growth, you’re after hypergrowth.

And the customer-driven approach is how you get there.

In this book, I will tell the full story of how I developed my customer-driven model and share advice and frameworks for helping you implement it at your organization.

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