Here’s A Round Up Of Some Of The Top Learnings From HYPERGROWTH London 2019


One week ago, something amazing happened. And I’m not talking about how I got to meet one of my idols at HYPERGROWTH London.

You may have heard of him. The one. The only. Jimmy Chin 😱


OK, that was still awesome. But getting to meet Jimmy was really just the cherry on top of an incredible day of learning and inspiration at HYPERGROWTH London.

But hey, don’t take it from me.

Take it from our attendees. We were blown away by the number of people sharing their learnings with us on Twitter and LinkedIn. Some wrote blogs. And some even made their own videos around the event.

And with all this great content floating around, we decided to put it all in one place for you.

So let’s go. Here are some of our favorite posts from HYPERGROWTH London attendees.

Did you miss HYPERGROWTH London but want to see the presentations? Did you go to HYPERGROWTH London and want to relive it? Good news. We’ll be uploading the presentations to Drift Insider (and only Drift Insider). First up? Drift CEO David Cancel’s keynote. And sign up for Insider here.

Tom Hart

What they shared: Tom created a series of videos documenting his experience at HYPERGROWTH London. You might have seen the final supercut on David Cancel’s Instagram. It was epic.

Why we love it: These supercut video highlighted the top quotes from each of the speakers, but also caught the overall energy at the event by featuring music from Grace Savage.

Follow: @BlueRavenDigitl and on LinkedIn

Zoe Cuthbertson


What they shared: Zoe wrote a LinkedIn post sharing her top four key takeaways from the day. 

Why we love it: Zoe wrote about the importance of storytelling and creativity – how you’ve got to make people feel something. That’s what will help drive engagement, loyalty, and advocacy.

Follow: @zoe_c83 and on LinkedIn

Matt Dodgson

What they shared: Matt wrote a blog to recap HYPERGROWTH London and captured 23 of the best quotes from the speakers 💬

Why we love it: We’re big fans of this quote Matt included from HubSpot co-founder and CEO Brian Halligan:

I used to think it was the first product to market would win, but now I think it’s the first product to delight that wins.

– Brian Halligan

Follow: @dodgson_matt of @Marketrec

Beth Gladstone

What they shared: Beth wrote a Medium post about the brand lessons she learned at HYPERGROWTH London. 

Why we love it: Our favorite takeaway from Beth’s article was this line: “Good brands are characters.” We’ve heard over and over again that brands need to have a personality. Amanda Hill, CMO of Harrod’s, said it goes beyond that – good brands need to have character.

Follow: @bethgladstone and on LinkedIn

Natalie Simm

What they shared: Natalie shared five key takeaways from HYPERGROWTH London on Twitter.

Why we love it: Besides her excellent usage of emojis, Natalie was able to sum up the entire day in less than 20 words – if that’s not impressive, I don’t know what is!

Follow: @D22Nat of @digital22online

Chris Knowles

What they shared: Chris and his team were psyched that they got to meet Jimmy Chin. And after David Cancel’s keynote on the importance of video in today’s landscape, Six & Flow says they won’t be sending out anything out of their agency doors without a video to go along with it.

Why we love it: We’re all about having a bias for action here at Drift, so the fact that Chris and his team are already jumping on the video train just speaks volumes.

Follow: @ChrisSixAndFlow of @sixandflow

Christian Pratt

What they shared: Christian his week off to a great start by listening to all the speakers and reflecting on what they spoke about. His biggest takeaways? Show your customers some love. And take courage in tackling your challenges.

Why we love it: While we never said that the theme of HYPERGROWTH London was putting the customers first, it seems like everyone was on the same page about it. From the speakers to the attendees, everyone recognized the importance of giving your customers love and the value that provides in today’s buyer-centric world.

Follow: @PrattStuff and on LinkedIn

Natalie Smithson

What they shared: Natalie shared some of the major themes the speakers touched upon during HYPERGROWTH – like why it’s important to examine risk, embrace change, and focus on the individual.

Why we love it: She captured what we were all thinking when we heard Brian Halligan admit that he also suffers from imposter syndrome 🤯 It’s a real thing – it even happens to the CEO of a major tech company.

Follow: @imNatSmithson

Bryan Plumb

What they shared: Bryan said there were five major learnings from his day at HYPERGROWTH London. #1 on his list? Love your customers. 

Why we love it: One of Bryan’s biggest takeaways was that if Jimmy Chin and his friends can free solo El Capitan, film it, not die, and go on to win an Oscar… anything is possible. Now if that doesn’t inspire you, I’m not sure what will!

Follow: Bryan Plumb

Johanna Sjölin

What they shared: Johanna wrote a blog post on how buyers have shifted their behaviors, and how we can continue to keep putting the customer first.

Why we love it: She took key points from Ryan Deiss, Charlotte Pearce, Peter Isaacson, and Brian Halligan’s talks and related it back to how all of them talked about the importance of putting the customer first.

Follow: Johanna Sjölin

Sherman Urrutia

What they shared: Sherman listed out his three top takeaways from the event (along with a little bit of fan-boying over Ryan Deiss), which were:

  • Drift Video is going to be 🔥
  • He needed to do more moonshot thinking
  • He needed to work on creating Eros moments for his prospects and clients

Why we love it: Of course the shoutout to Drift Video caught our eye, but we also loved how Sherman was able to take the nuggets from the keynotes and immediately think of ways he could apply it to his own life.

Follow: Sherman Urrutia

Maret Reutelingsperger

What they shared: Maret wrote a blog post to recap the Aira team’s top learnings from the day. There was even a fun 3D photo booth image to tie it all together.

Why we love it: The final quote that Maret included was the perfect end to all the learnings from the event:

There are two great risks in life: risking too much, and risking too little. We are always aware of risking too much, but how do we know if we’re risking too little?

– Jimmy Chin

Follow: @itsmaret of @airadigital

If you wrote a recap about HYPERGROWTH London and want Drift to share it, send me a note on LinkedIn or tweet to @JBfromDrift for a chance to be featured in one of our posts. 

Do you want in on the learning and inspiration? HYPERGROWTH is coming to Boston on September 3rd. Register here.

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