Here Are The HYPERGROWTH 2019 Keynotes From David Cancel & Elias Torres (Plus A Few Takeaways for You)


HYPERGROWTH Boston 2019 is officially in the books. Our speakers – from Sara Blakely, to Danny Meyer, to Jen Rubio, and more – dropped a ton of knowledge on stage.

But don’t worry, we’re not keeping it all to ourselves.

We’ll be posting the keynotes over the next few weeks. First up? We’ve got the keynotes from Drift co-founders David Cancel (CEO) and Elias Torres (CTO).

Here’s the thing. The keynote slides and recordings are only available on Drift Insider 😎

So if you want to see DC’s full presentation, click here. And if you want to see Elias’ full presentation including a demo of Drift Automation (plus cameos from a few of our customers including Keap, Smartling, Okta, and Tenable), click here.

But if you’re short on time and want the highlight reel, keep scrolling to for a recap of some of the biggest themes DC and Elias hit on in their talks👇

DC shared what’s been on his mind…


And pointed out an undeniable trend…


But even with 7,000+ platforms in the market, DC acknowledged an ugly truth about B2B buying…


In other words, traditional B2B buying is broken…


But we know how to fix it…


Because the brands that put the customer first – yes, that’s right, before company and technology – are the ones that will win…


Okay, the next slide just says it all 🎤


So enough is enough. The company era is over.


Welcome to the Customer Era.

And if you want to see DC’s HYPERGROWTH Curve that explains this shift to the Customer Era, you can see it on (you guessed it) Drift Insider.

Next up was Elias. It was his very first time presenting at HYPERGROWTH, and I think it’s safe to say he lived up to the…hype. Here’s what went down 👇

Elias picked up where DC left off and talked about a pain we’re all facing in the customer era…


And spoiler alert, he announced that Drift had built something to solve for this…


Because B2B buying was too hard on your marketing and sales teams – and your customer. But guess what?


We’ve been working on Drift Automation for a while, and who better to explain how it works than our customers? So Elias brought up some customers to share their experience with it…


The Customer Era begins now. Are you ready?

This recap just scratches the surface. Get the full presentations from DC and Elias on Drift Insider.

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