It’s Time For Our First Annual Conference: HYPERGROWTH

It was one of those moments.

David and I were on the way to New York (he was being interviewed by the New York Times the next morning; I was tagging along as Drift’s hype man) and he leaned over the aisle and said to me:

“You ready? It’s time.”

“Of course”  I said to him. “The New York Times. This is amazing.”

“No. It’s time to bring everyone together. You need to launch our conference this year.”

“Oh yeah! Let’s do it. I’m down. We could easily get 100 people to our office.”

“No. Think bigger” David said. “Let’s get 1,000. 1,000 people together in Boston. And that’s just year one. Think about that.”

And just like that, our first annual conference was born.

But not 100 people — 1,000 people. And just like everything that we try to do here at Drift, we promise this won’t be just another tech conference.

That’s why we’re calling it HYPERGROWTH.

HYPERGROWTH is a one day event on Monday September 25th in Boston, and we’ll be overlooking the city from 33 stories up at the State Room in the financial district downtown.

We’ll have a lot more to share over the next few weeks as we announce the speakers and share more of the agenda, but here are three things I can tell you today about what to expect when you join us on September 25th.

Three Things You Can Expect From HYPERGROWTH

1) It will feel more like a festival than a tech conference.

That’s the one guardrail we got from David when starting to plan HYPERGROWTH. If we’re going to do this, we want to do it right — and make it feel Drifty. We don’t want this to be just another conference put on by a tech company. And we don’t want this to feel like a one-day vendor pitch.

So we’re scrapping the traditional 45 minute keynotes in favor of 15 minute features that will leave you energized and inspired — and they might even make you dance too (don’t worry, no one is going to make you dance; there’s nothing worse than forced fun, but I bet I’ll catch you tapping your foot under the table).

2) You will learn something new.

“Always be learning” is one of our core values at Drift. It’s why we share so much of what we’re doing here on our blog, on our podcast, and even internally as a company.  So you’re guaranteed to learn something new at HYPERGROWTH — but it won’t be from all of the usual suspects that speak at marketing conferences (think people from the health, fitness, and food worlds in addition to business leaders).

When it comes down to it, there are two ways that you can learn and grow: you can learn by doing, and you can learn from others. HYPERGROWTH will be an incredible opportunity to learn from others, and I can promise you that this will be the one event you need to send your marketing, sales, and customer success teams to in 2017.

3) You will leave with at least one lasting memory.

One of my favorite lessons from David (about reading) that he’s said multiple times on Seeking Wisdom goes something like this: you don’t read to memorize every single detail. You read to learn one or two new lessons that can impact your business and your life. And that’s exactly how we’re thinking about HYPERGROWTH: you won’t need to sit down and take notes for eight hours, but you’ll leave with at least one new lesson that will help change the trajectory of your business in 2017. That’s our mission, and we hope that you’ll be there in person to be a part of it on September 25.

How To Get Your Tickets To HYPERGROWTH

This is just the beginning, and as I mentioned earlier we’ll have a whole lot more to share over the coming weeks, but now is the time to grab your ticket.

As part of the launch, we’ve made the first 99 tickets available for just $99 (that’s a 400% discount from the regular price of $499).

And we’ve already sold a handful from people who found the URL (sneaky, sneaky) so now is the time to grab your ticket because my guess is that they won’t last longer than a day or so.

Just use the promo code FIRST99 when you checkout.

(Oh and the first 25 people to buy their tickets will get priority seating and a VIP t-shirt.)

Click here to get your tickets to HYPERGROWTH now.

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