How Do Top Marketing & Sales Leaders Buy? We Talked To Datadog, Zenefits, Acquia & More To Find Out.

Earlier this year, we sat down with 20 sales and marketing leaders at large technology companies – think Datadog, Acquia and Zenefits – to ask one simple question: How do you buy?

Now we’re sharing those secrets with you.

In our new book, B2B Buying Secrets: How Today’s Top Marketing & Sales Leaders Buy, you’ll get access to exclusive insights into how CMOs and sales leaders buy at every stage of the journey. So you can, in turn, build a better buying experience.

You’ll learn:

  • How decision-makers discover new solutions
  • How they evaluate those solutions
  • Who’s involved in the evaluation and decision-making process
  • What that purchase decision ultimately looks like

Understanding your customers and effectively mapping their buying journey can help you make smarter decisions, create better campaigns, and, ultimately, boost sales. So what are you waiting for?

Build a better buying experience. Access all 20 interviews in our new book for free here.

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