How Drift Helped This Company Book 145% More Sales Meetings in 12 Months

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Editor’s Note: The following is a guest post from Drift Partner Pepper Inbound Marketing. Interested in contributing content to the Drift blog? Email Gail Axelrod at

Pepper Inbound Marketing is a boutique marketing consulting firm focused on the travel industry. We started using Drift in March of 2018. At the time we were struggling with low traffic and due to that, were initially hesitant to invest.

Ultimately, we decided to move forward with Drift for two reasons:

  1. We wanted to get more personal experience with Drift, since one of our clients was using the product
  1. We wanted to convert as much of our traffic as possible into leads and calls

Our sales funnel is simple – we have a lead magnet, a thank you page with a link, and a series of follow up emails designed to lead prospects to book a Strategy Session, where we can discuss their challenges and present our programs and services. And while we were generating some leads with this strategy prior to Drift, not many of them were turning in to sales opportunities. We were curious if a tool like Drift would help us improve.

Our Results After 12 Months

145% More Sales Meetings

Since installing Drift, meetings booked have increased by 145% over what we were booking using website forms alone. We’ve found that giving site visitors a choice in how they want to interact with us – either via form or chatbot – has paid off exponentially. They can either fill out our ‘book a meeting’ form, or just chat with our PepperBot to book a meeting. Most of our prospects choose to book their call with the bot, which requires less information from them and as a result, creates less friction. In the last ninety days we generated 89 sales appointments. While 34 of these prospects chose to fill out our booking form, 49 chose to book their strategy session using the bot.

We’re currently generating about 15-20 meetings per month, where before we were only seeing between 2 and 3. With Drift, we love that we don’t have to do as much outbound prospecting, since our inbound leads are keeping us busy with calls every week.

300% More Leads

Overall lead conversion from all sources of traffic has increased from 2.6% to 7.83% since installing Drift. We have bots on every page of our website, with different versions targeted to fit contextually into the subject of each page.

For example, our biggest source of traffic right now is Facebook advertising, so we’ve customized some of our bot playbooks for prospects coming from these ads. When Facebook leads hit our Thank You page after downloading one of our free reports, they receive a custom playbook designed to qualify and schedule them for a strategy session without ever having to fill out our booking form. This has dramatically improved the success of our ad campaigns. Many of our leads are booking a meeting with the bot before even finishing our email indoctrination sequence. We’ve customized our bots to recognize the source of the prospect so we can show the right messages at the right time to the right people.

Our Drift setup for Pepper Inbound includes different playbooks for our most popular landing page offers on our website, a blog subscription playbook for visitors landing on our blog, and a “concierge” playbook on our home page to help visitors find the information they’re looking for on our site.

Tips & Lessons Learned

So what are some major takeaways we’ve learned since installing Drift? 

  • Start with simple bots. You can always improve on them later, but in the beginning, keep it simple while you get used to the tool and your sales reps get used to it as well. Most of my bot playbooks rely on button responses, and while I’m very impressed with keyword triggered bot responses, they’re not necessary to get good results.
  • Building a Drift Playbook is no different than building any other type of marketing funnel, so the same principles apply. Before you do anything, you need to understand your buyer persona, and what stage they’re at in their buyer’s journey. A great resource for mapping this out is Drift’s Conversational Marketing Blueprint. Ultimately, Drift is a tool you can use in your marketing, and like any other marketing tool out there, you must have a good strategy in place to make it successful.
  • Personalization is important. We’ve customized our bots to recognize our prospects who are already engaged with our sales team, and to fire different versions of bots depending on the traffic source.
  • Keep it conversational. Let your brand personality show in your bot’s language. Don’t make your bot have awkward conversations. Imagine this is a person stepping into your office or store. You want to be friendly, engaging and human!
  • Track your numbers and strive for continuous improvement. Some key metrics I track are percentage of conversations started, leads collected and meetings booked by my bot. This keeps us honest and striving to improve.

You can chat with our bot and learn more about Pepper Inbound Marketing here.

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