This Hiring Secret Can Help You Find Your Next VP

On today’s episode of Seeking Wisdom, DC and DG are joined by special guest and Drift co-founder and CTO, Elias Torres. Together, they talk through how to hire people who can go from individual contributor to VP. It comes down to 4 things.

  1. Come from humble beginnings. You need to be hungry.
  2. Ability to get sh*t done. Do the work.
  3. The “It” factor. Uncommon charisma and presence.
  4. Humility. Be Ego-free. Stay humble as you grow in your career.

They break it all down in today’s episode of Seeking Wisdom.

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In this episode:

0:53 – The Culture Code
1:38 – Consistency with Seeking Wisdom is coming.
2:30 – The team discusses their trips to Europe.
5:00 – Hiring Lessons from Elias Torres
6:12 – The value of coming from humble beginnings
7:04 – The ability to get sh*t done
7:17 – The “It” factor
8:15 – Ego-free individuals that have humility
9:12 – Elias Torres talks about his time starting at Drift.
10:42 – Hiring for Marketing
11:58 – DC’s Marketing background
14:00 – Looking beyond the profile for hiring
14:40 – Marketing’s need for someone who can grab your attention
17:50 – The dark ten years
19:00 – Do the work to find the right person.
19:27 – Put yourself in the right company.
20:30 – Read Blitzscaling
21:29 – Where would you find another DG?
23:50 – Be around people that push you.
24:55 – Recap
26:18 – Seeking Wisdom available Monday mornings

Books mentioned in this episode:

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