Have Smarter Conversations with Your Customers

The way customers interact with your business has changed.

With the Internet era finally upon us in full force, the walls between customers and companies have fallen. Customers expect that they can talk to anyone in your company whenever they want, on demand. Gone are the days of the single team gatekeepers and long, drawn out periods of waiting for a response.

Along with these customer-driven changes, something else is happening: more and more businesses are changing their business models away from one-time sales and toward subscription-based models.

These two fundamental changes are creating the need for a new type of company to emerge — one that is transparent, customer-driven and highly collaborative. Driftt exists to fulfill this need.

The Driftt Mission

Our mission at Driftt is to make customer data accessible, usable and valuable to everyone, securely, within your company.  One of the challenges in organizations today is that while more people are having conversations with customers, they’re often on different teams and working in different functions.  How does each team know what another has already said to a customer? How do they know what has already been done? Driftt helps teams see the data more clearly and communicate with their customers more effectively, resulting in longer, more valuable relationships for all.

Driftt helps you have smarter conversations with your customers.  

We’ve started by creating a software application that captures your customer data and makes it accessible within your organization, regardless of whether that data lives in another piece of software, or whether it’s inside your mobile, desktop or web applications.

Our software lets you use this new customer intelligence to drive intelligent one-to-one or one-to-many conversations with your customers, drive collaboration across your teams to better serve your customers, and drive more intelligent reporting so you can better understand your best customers — as well as those customers who need your help most to be more successful.

An Eye Toward the Future

Today, Driftt provides a better way to communicate with your customers — but over time we want to create a true Customer Platform that matches and supports how modern companies want to work and how their customers want to be served, supported and delighted. Customers don’t want to be treated like Support Ticket #573422 — they want to be treated like humans.

The Driftt platform will integrate itself into the products your teams already use, providing a layer of customer intelligence and team collaboration that doesn’t exist today. With better collaboration and deeper insights into your customer needs, your teams will be able to delight your customers, keep them longer, and support them better over time.

Why Driftt?

Back in 2009, we discovered a powerful concept that has forever changed the way we think about building companies, teams and products. That idea was that modern companies had to change to better match the way customers want to interact with the products, brands and companies they love. We called this the “Customer-Driven” company model.

Since those early days, we have put this concept to the test, building products that have been used and loved by 10s of 1000s of customers, building 10x product and engineering teams that better match the way innovative people want to work and modern customers want to buy.

These learnings are at the heart of the platform we are building at Driftt.

We aspire to delight a billion people in the next few years and to help modern companies transform the way they communicate and support their customers.

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