Here’s How Drift Customers Booked Over A Half Million Meetings (And Three Plays You Can Swipe To Book More Meetings Before 2019 Is Over)


Try this.

Go into your inbox and look at the most recent cold email you got from a salesperson.

What’s the CTA?

Probably something like:

“Can we book 15 minutes to chat?”

And regardless of how you feel about that approach, you get why they’re asking for a meeting.

Because meetings are how we get things done! And we all know that the first step in driving revenue for your business is to book a meeting.

And that’s exactly why we built meeting scheduling into Drift two years ago. Because not every conversation can be NOW. Sometimes you need to schedule a conversation for later.

Since we launched Drift Meetings, our customers have booked over a half a million meetings with their buyers.

At current pace, Drift customers will book over 40,000 meetings with their buyers this month.

Not bad, right?

But if you’re sitting there thinking, “it’s the first week of Q4 and I want to know how I can book even more meetings before the end of the year,” you’re probably not alone.

So we’re going to show you how to book more meetings and make Q4 your best quarter of the year. Even if you’re already booking meetings in Drift today, we’ll break down the three most popular tactics that we learned from our most successful customers.

Play #1: Automatically qualify and book meetings with site visitors 24/7

This is far and away the most popular way Drift customers are booking meetings with Drift.

And that’s no surprise, it’s simple and highly effective.

When you have a chatbot running on your website 24/7 that knows the right qualifying questions to ask AND can book the meeting when the buyer is engaged – you’re going to convert more people on your website into a meeting than if you had a form.

While your sales team might be chatting with people your bot has qualified during business hours, with this play the chatbot is running during non-business hours to book meetings. So you never miss an opportunity to have a conversation with a qualified buyer.

Here’s how you do it ?


Play #2: Never miss a VIP buyer when they visit your website

Have you ever seen one of those reports that tell you which accounts were on your website the day before?

Those are great, but what if you could engage those accounts the second they land on your website instead of trying to follow up a day later?

That’s what Drift ABM does.

With Drift ABM you can target the accounts you really care about so they get a VIP experience on your website.

But that’s only one way to use it…

Because Drift integrates with Marketo and Salesforce Marketing Cloud Account Engagement (formerly Pardot), you can sync a contact list from your marketing automation platform into Drift and target those contacts when they come back to your website.

So imagine you had chatbots to engage:

  • Open opportunities to make sure they get routed to the right rep to answer questions.
  • Customers that are a good fit for an upgrade so they get greeted by their account manager.
  • Or customers that are looking for support, so you can make sure you capture their questions and get them to your support team.

Here’s how you do it ?


Play #3: Don’t make your buyers wait – book meetings instantly

There’s so much data on why it’s important to book the meeting right away, but frankly, it just makes sense right? Now is always better than later.

And that’s been our approach with Drift Meetings from the beginning.

So when your SDR is engaged in a live chat conversation and they’ve qualified a lead through a real-time conversation and are ready to book the meeting for their AE, it should be as easy as finding the right time.

The SDR can drop a calendar – even include availability for multiple participants – so the buyer can schedule their next conversations NOW.

Here’s how you do it ?


You can use this on email too?

If you or your sales team is using the Drift Email Chrome Extension, you can drop availability into an email with two clicks!


How Many More Meetings Can You Book For Your Sales Team Before End Of Year?

Now that you have the plays, imagine the next time one of your dream customers shows up on your website.

You’ll give them the VIP experience with a welcome message from the right person on your team and an offer to skip the line and book a meeting NOW – without having to answer any qualification questions.

Or maybe they’ll start chatting with one of your SDRs. Once they’re ready to schedule a demo with your AE, the only thing they’ll have to do is click which time works best for them.

These are the kind of VIP experiences you can create with Drift Meetings. And now that it’s Q4, it’s time to ramp up your sales meetings to close out the year strong.

You can chat in right now and ask a question about Drift Meetings (or anything else that’s on your mind).

If you’re already a Drift customer using Drift’s Premium or Enterprise plan, you can use any of these plays right now.

And if you’re using Drift Pro, you can run Play #1 and Play #3. If you want to run play #2 let us know and we’d be happy to show you how Drift Premium works.

To learn more about Drift Meetings, click here.