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Creating a great buying experience for your customers isn’t easy…

Your customers are always waiting on you. They must follow the paths your marketing team creates (which usually means lots of forms and clicking). It wastes their time. They just want to talk to you. But you’ve made it so difficult.

And it’s not even your fault. Your marketing team is spending hours trying to fix this. Creating workflows and decision trees, making it a little bit easier on your buyers, but harder on your team.

Just imagine if you could put your best SDR on your website to chat with 100% of your website visitors. You can’t though! They are human. They need sleep and vacations and no — they can’t have dozens of conversations at once.

But with Drift Automation, you can.
 It’s like cloning your best SDR so they can greet every visitor on your website.

How Drift Automation Works

Step 1
We analyze your conversations

Our AI analyzes your previous conversations and the bot starts to understand your business. So instead of just being able to ask questions, it can answer them too. It’s also trained on what a good lead looks like for your
 sales team.

Step 2
Our Annotation Team trains the bot

Our team reviews the bot with you, perfecting its answers and then is tested with a small audience on your website. It scales infinitely: the more it works, the more it learns and the better it gets.

Step 3
Automate chat on your website

Meanwhile your buyer is getting their questions answered any time of day or night by a bot you didn’t have to build or optimize yourself and is always
 getting smarter.

Drift Automation delivers you solutions like…

Qualification Bot™

powered by Drift Automation
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It’s like cloning your best SDR so you can give every website visitor a VIP experience.

Marketing automation software that answers questions & converts 24/7/365.

Think about your best SDR. They are probably so good at what they do because they have a ton of experience selling for your business. Now imagine if you could clone them, put them on your website 24/7/365, have them handle multiple conversations at once AND get better results. With Qualification Bot you can stop dreaming because now 
cloning is possible.

drift automation answers questions with AI

You’ll never make your buyers wait again. Give your buyers answers instantly with Qualification Bot.

You can’t always be there to answer questions. Even with a really well designed Drift Playbook™, you can’t predict every question they’d ask. But with Qualification Bot, you don’t have to build out a decision tree or try to predict questions. Qualification Bot answers their questions in real-time using artificial intelligence software trained by analyzing your previous conversations.

Drift's qualification bot uses real time AI

This is all 100% done for you.

Here’s the best part. There’s no extra work for you. Our Annotation Team trains and optimizes your bots FOR you. That might sound too good to be true, but because Drift marketing automation software couples our technology with our Annotation Team, you can hire Qualification Bot for the outcome you want and we make sure you get it.

Drift automation AI training done for you

How can Qualification Bot have two-way conversations with your buyers?

We train the bot using conversational AI technology. It works like this...
First, we import and analyze all your previous conversations. Our AI technology identifies patterns and categorizes those as structures.
structures Created with Sketch.
structures Created with Sketch.
Structures help the bot understand how your website visitors and your team chat. It learns things like how many messages someone might send, how they ask questions and how your team responds.
Then, the Qualification Bot starts training itself. It starts by grouping together commonly asked questions and topics as clusters.
clusters Created with Sketch.
clusters Created with Sketch.
Clusters are like topics your team often discusses with people on your website. Now your bot knows what your buyers like to talk about (and it’s starting to learn how to behave like your best SDR).
Then, we help develop your bot’s ontology to understand even the smallest details about your business and product.
ontology Created with Sketch.
ontology Created with Sketch.
Your bot’s ontology is its knowledge base. It’s the list of all the things that exist and how they relate to one another so it can accurately answer questions about your business. It’s developed through analyzing previous conversations.
Your Qualification Bot is designed by our Annotation Team to respond using language your best SDR would use.
annotation-team Created with Sketch.
annotation-team Created with Sketch.
Our Annotation Team is an expert team of language specialists that edit the bot’s responses based on your feedback.
Your Qualification Bot is trained on your motivations so it knows what questions to ask and the next steps to offer in a conversation.
motivations Created with Sketch.