Here’s How a Fortune 500 Company Switched Over from Intercom and Booked 15x More Meetings with Drift

By Drift


Some chatbots just aren’t like the rest.

Meet Demand Inc. We’re a Drift partner that specializes in sales development (e.g. we book meetings for 63+ amazing companies) and drove $313 million in pipeline last year. Our clients range from bootstrapped startups to pre-unicorn Silicon Valley darlings. We also support dozens of Fortune 500 backed corporate innovation projects.

In Q1, 2019, we started to experiment with Drift with the goal of increasing upper funnel lead velocity for our clients.

Missed Sales Opportunities

Our Fortune 500 client had already invested in Intercom to meet the support needs of their business, however, their sales team (and sales goals) were not benefitting from having a chatbot on their site.

When they came to Demand Inc for help, we recommended a solution: Drift.

The results were stunningly huge and almost immediate.

In just one month, we booked 15X more meetings with Drift.

So, how’d we do it? Meet the two powerful bots we built to get the job done.

The Tour Guide Bot ?

Our client saw thousands of website visitors every day. We knew that each visitor represented a chance to engage and serve their audience in some capacity. We used this play to understand what each website visitor was looking for and created a conversation tailored to the solution that was right for them.

Knowing that our client’s business serves two distinct groups of people—merchants and warehouses—we got to work crafting playbooks for those two categories. Moreover, we knew that various people within each category were at different stages in the buyer’s journey.

Your business serves different people. Recognize them.

Drift’s intuitive flow builder makes it easy to center your conversations around the value that your business can bring to these customers. It’s important to recognize that your website visitors are there to decide whether your business is right for them, buy from your business, or they’re existing customers looking for support.

The Returning Visitor Bot ?

As you can imagine, a website that sees thousands of visitors a day must be difficult to personalize and scale.

But Drift has an unlimited contact database.

When you capture an email address, Drift enriches the data and pulls their name, title, and any other pertinent information into their contact. When they return to your site, Drift’s database recognizes them.

This allowed us to personalize (at scale) the high volume of returning visitors with messages geared specifically to them. And with a saved chat history, our clients used the conversation context to help address the problems repeating visitors were anxious to solve for their business. 

Drive ROI (and a Better Buying Experience)

Because Drift is built by sales and marketing professionals for sales and marketing professionals, it’s focused on driving ROI.

The chatbots never stop working for you. They qualify or disqualify leads around the clock and communicates with your existing systems so you can personalize messages even further. And with their advanced reporting dashboard, you’re able to get a macro- and micro-level analysis of your chats, playbooks, and CQLs.

Drift is built to empower your teams with the knowledge they need to tap into missed sales opportunities.

When you use Drift – whether it’s for sales or support – you’re able to deliver a better buying experience for prospects and customers as they arrive on your site. And when you meet their needs, they help you fulfill your business needs.

Editor’s Note: This is a guest post from Drift Partner Demand Inc. Interested in contributing content to the Drift blog? Email Molly Sloan at

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