Creativity, Constraints and the Rebrand of Grado Labs


Grado Labs is far from a fresh new startup. They’ve been around since 1953. They have an old-school CEO and a legacy brand to uphold. So how did their VP of Marketing convince his boss to push forward with a rebrand? What do they need to consider before changing anything? And how can they ensure they evolve while maintaining the serious customer love they already have from everyone ranging from the Average Joe to celebrities like Jimmy Fallon, John Mayer, Elijah Wood and Beatles producer George Martin? We’ll find out in this episode of #Exceptions.

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In this episode:

0:35 Read Break the Wheel
1:01 Going inside a consumer company
2:17 Intro into Grado Labs- electronics made by hand
3:18 Time to refresh their brand
3:50 Jay interviews Jonathan
4:07 Who the Grado brand would be…
5:30 Cult following of Grado
7:00 B2B vs B2C
8:47 Jonathan creates a refreshed version of The Box.
9:54 Jonathan talks about his new vision for Grado.
10:30 In it to create
12:00 No cohesiveness to the brand
12:45 Young blood in the company
13:24 65 years perfecting sound- time to polish marketing
15:00 Jonathan is relentless to push forward
15:40 What “No” can really mean
16:30 Grado’s packaging design
18:17 Label Size
20:50 Freedom with creativity
21:00 Read Creative Conspiracy: The New Rules of Breakthrough Collaboration
21:10 Knowing constraints bring more ideas and more effective ideas
21:40 Finding the carrots in the backyard experiment: creative freedom doesn’t work.
23:15 Constraints are our strengths.
25:30 Adapting over the years

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