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Make Your Sales Team More Efficient

Know Where to Focus Your Time and Effort

Drift unifies the buying signals from across your tech stack to help you know which accounts to focus on and which contacts make up the buying committee so you can be more efficient in your outreach.

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Engage Your Buyers Across Channels

Drift gives you the tools you need – like chat, email, and video – to help you deliver personalized messages so you can drive higher engagement with your buyers.

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Take Action on Your Accounts Immediately

Drift instantly notifies you when something important happens with one of your accounts so you can engage your buyers right away.

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Our Enterprise sales team is gaining significant value from Drift Sales Seat, from the activity feed, to the email digest, to top target account notifications. They can interact with their top prospects and customers in real-time.”
— Rod Weis, Chief Revenue Officer, Americas at First Advantage

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Drift Sales Seat connects you with more qualified buyers, faster. See how for yourself.

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